Nov 20, 2014

Patchwork Stocking

Well that didn't take long. I would have had it finished in one day but the evening got busy. Too fun to work on.

Design Info: Holiday Pins XI kit from Mill Hill. Called Patchwork Stocking from 2001.

I finished it with red felt on the back that is like a sticker so you just cut it out pull off the paper and done. I made a string ornament hanger and will also include the pin back in case the person wants to wear it as a pin.

Mom is going to a family get together for Christmas and will be using this as a little giveaway.

I think my Hold on to Hope HAED is screaming loudest so I will work on her for a few days.


  1. Oh that's beautiful Katie! I love the little red heart on the heel, and the bells and beads. It's so detailed. Look forward to seeing Hope again.

  2. Already??? You are so fast!! :)
    It looks absolutely lovely.

  3. Congrats on the adorable finish Katie. You sure are speedy.


  4. It looks very cute :) you are so fast that I guess you will complete your HAED very soon.

  5. Hi Katie

    Love the stocking finish, it's very cute!
    Have a good weekend x

  6. What a lovely stocking !!!!! Congratulations , Katie !!!!!!!

  7. Cute finish... I am going to look for that kind of felt for future small projects! Thanks!


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