Jan 26, 2015

5th Day of Progress

I was able to finish the outline. Now to just fill it in. WWE was so eventful I didn't even do a stitch haha.

Pardon me while I rant for a little bit now. I'm normally a really positive person. With the luck we've been having lately I seriously just want to move to a private island and say screw it all. We woke up this morning to our NEW furnace not working. The guy has to order a part and will be back Friday to hopefully fix it. (He does have it working until then at least.) Also Mom's just replaced a few weeks ago Dish Receiver is acting up again which means changing to another new one tomorrow in hopes of they just sent us a piece of crap. So I spent another day fixing problems. *sigh* Another day not doing a full day of school. So frustrating. I just want things to work out for a little bit! After last week I seriously said out loud last night I just want to start a new week and have it all be okay. Guess I jinxed it. I always put out good stuff so I don't really know why Karma is trying to teach me a lesson. Please Karma I'm ready for a break!


  1. You poor thing, that sounds like a load on your plate. I hope all gets resolved soon. Love your work on the dragon, you're so close to finishing it!

  2. Gorgeous stitching Katie. Sure hope things improve for you.


  3. Your dragon stitching is looking great!
    I hope things will get resolved soon.

  4. Dragon is coming along so beautifully & quickly xx

  5. Sorry to hear that you are having an annoying time of it at the moment what with things breaking down. Especially annoying when they have been recently replaced.

    On the positive side of things, your dragon is looking great. xx

  6. :( I'm sorry you've been having a bad stretch, but your dragon is looking fabulous! I hope things settle soon.


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