Jan 8, 2015

Day 8 of CJC

Today's pick was another perfect one for the weather outside. It's Winter from the Seasonal WordPlay booklet. How perfect for the cold windy snowy day we've been having again. We are getting another 2 inches of snow and it warmed up to 14 degrees but we are getting 25 mph wind so the wind chill is still way below zero. Brrr is right. Here is where I got today...
I got a lot done today around the house so it took away from my stitching time but those chores just keep piling up don't they? Yesterday I finally found the bottom of the laundry basket. Today I found Jeremiah's school table. We had it buried in Christmas goodies still. Plus I got the new books he got for Christmas all organized and ready to start school Monday. I needed to rearrange his bookcase to hold them all now. We are both looking forward to the new books. We put the options for each subject into a cup and pull out so it's random what book we do. We love it cause you never know what our day will be about.


  1. Another cute start and nice progress Katie.


  2. Oh yes, house chores are never ending... a right vicious circle :D
    This is another cute start :)

  3. Cute start!! We need robots for daily chores :)

  4. Great idea Preeti! Household chores take away from stitching. I love your teaching plans for Jeremiah, how exciting!

  5. I just love snowmen! They are my favorite winter decoration item. This is such a cute project, I love it!

  6. Another cute one! Going good...

  7. Great start but wouldn't it be nice to have to stitch a sun hat on this one? I mean really! This cold weather is just getting to be a little too much, don'tcha think?! Keep warm I'm still waiting for the pipes to stay thawed long enough for me to get to the laundry! It's been over a week now!!

  8. Nice start on another wintry project. :) I hope school starts well!

    1. Thank you very much. We always have fun.


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