Feb 10, 2015

Feb Turtle Trot

It's the 10th so that means it's Turtle Trot time. I just had to include this fun turtle picture in my update too. So sweet. Anyway we picked a list of 10 items (torture to narrow it down) and work on them. Then the 10th of each month we update our progress. The January update was a little blah cause I was in the middle of CJC (Crazy January Challenge) So let's see what progress I've made since the beginning of this year on my Turtle Trot list...

1. 99 by Ink Circles Before...
Now the 4th shelf is finished...
2. Advent Animals by Brooke's Books (25 pieces)
I haven't worked on yet this year.

3. Christmas Snowfriends Banner by Stoney Creek
I enjoy working on this one but I'm going to take it off my Turtle Trot list for now. I will replace it with one of my CJC pieces. Right now it will be Christmas Pals Ornaments. I really would like to get more of my CJC pieces finished. Then when I finish it I will replace it with another one. So...
New 3. Christmas Pals Ornaments by Dimensions (6 ornaments in a kit)
I have 1 finished 5 to go...
4. Cut Thru Pirate Ship
I haven't worked on yet this year. I really need to get back to this one.

5. Dog Wisdom by Bucillia
I haven't worked on yet this year.

6. Hold on to Hope HAED
Here she was at the end of last year...
Here she is now that she finally came out to play again...
I'm so close to finished with this page.

7. Mill Hill Kits (I want to do one each month.)
I finished my Jan pick here it is...
Haven't done my Feb one yet.

8. Seasonal Wordplay (All 4 Seasons)
I started these during the CJC. I got one day on each of them. The pictures are in the CJC tab above if you would like to check them out. Yesterday I did get a 2nd day in for Winter Wordplay so here is what it looks like now...
9. Selkie HAED
In December I just had a little blob of blue...
Now she has grown to a larger blob of blue haha...
10. Snow Drifters Leaflet (I have one piece out of this leaflet I want to finish still.)
I started this one for the CJC here is where I got on it...
So that's my update. I've been enjoying stitching whatever screams loudest. So far this year I only had one day where I didn't make an X. This is a wonderful time of year cause I get LOTS of stitching time. We are starting to plan our year ahead and yet again we have something to look forward to every month until November already. I'm looking forward to another wonderful fun traveling year. Can't wait to make all the new memories. Thanks for joining my journey with me. See ya next month of the 10th with hopefully a lot more progress.


  1. Great progress on all of them Katie! I'm glad you've included some of your gorgeous CJC pieces in with the TT ones. That way we will get to see them twice!

  2. Great progress on everything! It looks like Winter Wordplay might get a finish soon? :)

    1. Thank you. I'm really really close. Probably today.

  3. Wonderful progress on all of them Katie. I think you should include me in some of your travel plans this year. lol


  4. Great progress on your stitching !! They look beautiful.

  5. Slowly but surely I love seeing your monthly TT updates. You've got a wonderful selection of small, large, simple and complicated projects. It's almost as if you're an organized stitcher!!! :)

  6. Great progress post! I love all your projects, and you've made some good progress!

  7. Great selection & lovely updates :)

  8. Yay!! Progress pics are great! Next month I may do that... but, then again, those are just about ALL I am stitching, so I may post during the month... Decisions... Enjoy the day!

  9. All your WIPs look marvelous!

  10. You did great with the Turtle Trot considering you were also doing the CJC! That snowman finish is sure cute. Isn't it satisfying to finish a shelf on 99?

  11. Great job! Beautiful stitching!

  12. Love the turtle with dogs pic and your stitching is really impressive. Good job.

  13. Great progress this month. I really like the snowman design, he's so cute!
    Nice blue blob too LOL

  14. Amazing progress, especially Hope and Selkie! All those blues seem relaxing. :D


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