Mar 10, 2015

March Turtle Trot

It's March 10th which means it's time for Turtle Trot! We pick 10 projects to work on and post updates on the 10th of every month.

Since the 10th of Feb I worked on 5 of the things on my list. I even finished one and have changed the list to add another piece. Here is the info on what I've been up to.

3. Christmas Pals Ornaments
At the Feb Check in I had 1 of the 6 finished. I started the 2nd one. Here is where I am on it...
4. Cut Thru Pirate Ship
I got a little bit added...
5. Dog Wisdom by Bucilla
After this one is now finished...
I have now replaced this with another one of my CJC picks....Think Big by Heritage Crafts

6. Mill Hill Kits (I want to do one every month.)
So far I have kept up with my goal. I finished the Feb pick...
9. HAED Selkie
More Blues!

I'm in the midst of my HAED March Madness with 3 new HAED starts but I hope the end of the month brings some progress on my Turtle Trot pieces. See ya April 10th to see what I managed to get done.


  1. Wonderful progress on all of your great projects!

  2. Great progress on everything and again, nice finish!

  3. Lovely progress and two finishes to boot. Congratulations! Now I can't wait to see Think Big come out to play. He's adorable! :)

  4. Your post made me smile as I've been feeling very tortoise (to my hubby's hare) today :-) Slow and steady... but get there in the end, that's me! Keep on stitching :-)

    1. Thank you. Hope you keep on stitching too.

  5. You have a lot of progress to show us!! Congratulations!!!

  6. I dunno, this seems more like flying than trotting to slow-poke me! Congrats on your new finish~ :D

  7. Wonderful progress and lovely finishes Katie.


  8. Great progress and you got finishes too:)

  9. You did a lot! Pirate ship is looking great!:) congrats on the finish!

  10. Great progress! Even Pirate Ship got a look in. I'm still in love with those blues in Selkie.

  11. WOW! That cut through Pirate ship looks like a world of work. Well done!

  12. You are doing great! I love to see your progress. hugs, and happy stitching, queeny


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