Apr 11, 2015

Vacation Day 13

Today we had our first Disney Park day. We got the 5 day park hopper pass. We had a great night sleep and then had a delicious breakfast here at our hotel. We took the monorail over to Magic Kingdom for today. It was a wonderful day! It was hot about 90 but the forecast was for storms so we were worried but it waited till dinner time and we were already back to our hotel. We had a few things we really wanted to do and boy we got everything done we wanted to do and then some! We were all laughs and smiles and it was a perfect day. The internet is running really slow here right now so no pictures today. Among all the fantastic things we did one of my favorite was I got to meet Tinkerbell. I just love her. I used Jeremiah to make it not so weird that I really wanted to meet her haha. He said he understood haha. Okay I'm very tired so you will have to wait for a better update later.


  1. So that's your first fantastic day at Disneyland. I'm really glad you had a very happy day. :)

  2. So nice! Glad you all had a lovely day x


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