Apr 6, 2015

Vacation Day 8

We have two more days here. So we went back over the bridges to get to St Simon's Island. They have a lot more restaurants and shops over there. We found some souvenir t-shirts. We also found a little toy shop that had a little model of a space shuttle. Since we are stopping at Kennedy Space Center we got it. I figured if they had it at the Space Center is would be $40 more at least haha. We had a delicious seafood meal at a restaurant called Iguana's.

After eating we headed to the Maritime Center. It's a museum and we had a really nice visit. They had a very informative movie showing that really told a lot of history about the coast guard here at St Simon's and how WW2 affected the area. We really enjoyed our time there and accidentally learned something.

It was another beautiful weather day. They were forecasting rain but it didn't show up after all. So overall the weather has been beautiful so far. Just one evening when we were already back to our room we got a small storm.


  1. Lovely photos of your trip. Everything always looks so clean and well kept, wherever you visit!

  2. That's a really cool place!

  3. Another great day in your holiday!

  4. Another day of accidentally learning something?! I'm glad you're enjoying taking in the history as well as the sights. :)


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