May 4, 2015


Another WIPocalypse is here. Time to share what we have been working on since the last check in. I will warn you now this is going to be a short check in for me. With vacation I did a lot of no stitching. But we did a whole bunch of having fun and making memories. Let's break it down...

Dolphin Freebie - 3 Days
HAED Selkie - 4 Days
Tribal Fire Helmet - 2 Days
HAED Dragon Moon - 1 Day
Non Stitching - 20 Days!!

If you look down a few posts you will see my progress on the Dolphin Freebie. I actually worked on it on vacation which was a new one for me haha. I normally take stitching and never get it out to work on. HAED Selkie had her own check in on the 1st so let's talk about the other two pieces.

The Tribal Fire Helmet is a gift for a couple I love very much. (Hopefully they don't read my blog.) Here is what it will look like...
Here is where I am now...
I decided to use a plain piece of fabric so the helmet is the focus. I'm using Threadworx hand dyed threads. I'm hoping to make it into a pillow type finish and give it to them on an upcoming weekend gathering. I hate finishing so we'll see haha. I was trying to work on the helmet and from my WIP basket I heard Hey Remember Me?! Stitch on me?!? So I had to look to see what was screaming and HAED Dragon Moon needed some attention. Here is what she will look like again...
Here she is now...
I just LOVE working on this one.

A little bit of a life update. I'm finally starting to feel better. I've been so dizzy all week with this ear infection. Jeremiah is finally done coughing sounds like it. Finally this weekend I was able to get some stuff done. The huge thunderous pile of laundry just kept building up since I was too sick to do any last week. So I finally have mustered the energy to get that chore started. The roof guys showed up and within 22 minutes the job was complete. We didn't get charged a cent. That's my kind of repair job! Well I'm off to get some stuff done. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice progress on both pieces Katie.


  2. Great progress on both and good luck with finishing. That is also my most dreaded part. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better!

    1. Thank you. Yeah we'll see about that part haha.

  3. Glad you all are feeling better and I love the helmet design, I bet your friends will too.

  4. The fire helmet is a really fun design.
    Your dragon is gorgeous too, you have made a lot of progress with that one.
    Glad the roof was fixed quickly and for free too!

  5. Glad to hear you and Jeremiah are doing better. Lovely WIPs, Dragon moon is going to be awesome!

  6. That tribal firehat is really neat.

  7. Great stitching!! Glad you're both feeling better & the roof got fixed FOC :)

  8. Katie

    I love the fire helmet! Let me know if you want to pass the chart off or sell it when you are done. I have a friend who is a fireman and it would be perfect for him!
    Hoosier Stitchers

  9. Dragon Moon is looking amazing! The fire helmet will make such a lovely gift. Glad to hear you are getting back to normal at home.

  10. Glad this post says you are feeling better! Bit by bit, you make progress. Each project gets their time!

  11. Great progress. Best wishes for better health. Hugs

    1. Thank you. This thing is sure hanging on.

  12. Love that variegated floss for the helmet! Final Finishing is always a bummer for me too, although when it's done I feel like I can really be like I MADE THAT :DDD. Too bad it rarely happens hahah.

    Glad y'all (and house) are finally on the mend after all that excitement.


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