Jun 24, 2015

Advent Animal SAL

Last year I finished up the first 8 of the Advent Animal SAL. Here they are...
I hadn't worked on them since December. So it was about time to get another one marked off the list. So here is Day 9 all finished up. His name is Kenny Kangaroo. How fun these little animals are...
Life Update: Jeremiah is still doing very well. Yesterday was 4 weeks since surgery. The wound is really closing up well. It just amazes me what the human body is capable of doing to take care of itself.


  1. Great finish and so nice to hear Jeremiah is doing better!

  2. Great progress on this series. I'm still downloading them but haven't started any!
    I loved the fabrics you won in the giveaway. Have you seen the Firewing dragon designs? They wouldn't cover up too much of the fabric!
    Nice to hear that Jeremiah is making a good recovery too.

  3. Hi Kenny! I like his style with the cocktail and shades - very cool.
    So glad to hear that Jeremiah continues to improve, it must have been such a scare.
    Great suggestion from Jo for your new fabrics!

  4. I think you're the first person I've read who is actually stitching these! I too have been saving the patterns. Your collection so far looks amazing! :D

    Hooray for Jeremiah's improvement! Yay! :D

  5. Looking so cute! Well done!

  6. Cute finish !! They all look lovely !! Nice to know that Jeremiah is doing great!!

  7. Well Kenny Kangaroo is real cool!! Look at these shades :D
    Congrats on stitching one more of these fun little animals.

  8. Wow this is so neat! Great stitching as always. Good to hear Jeremiah's okay;)

  9. That is a really cute kangaroo! Well done! Glad to hear Jeremiah is doing well...


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