Aug 19, 2015

Day 12 and 13

The internet is running horrible here. So yesterday I was going to throw the computer into the pool if I didn't get off of it. So I missed posting. Here is my make up post....if I don't throw the computer first haha.

Yesterday we took a trolley tour again. This time it went though Acadia National Forest. It was a 2 and a half hour tour through the park. We climbed Cadillac Mountain (yuck!!!) the view was fantastic but Mom and I didn't enjoy the trip up or down. We stopped at a place called Thunder Hole. When the high tide is coming in it makes a loud thunder noise. It was really beautiful but not during high tide so we missed the noise. We also got to see a beautiful garden area. Here is Jeremiah and me by our trolley...
It was a really fun interesting trip even though the roads were just yucky we enjoyed it. It's been really foggy. The fog rolling off the ocean is just gorgeous!!! Here is a picture of the fog yesterday when it was not as thick...
Today when we woke up the whole ocean was gone! It was really thick fog. We decided to drive up to Lubec, Maine today. We wanted to see West Quoddy Head...
The fog really made it beautiful. It's the eastern most point of the continental USA. They have a nice plaque there about being the eastern most point and we all got our pictures by it. On the way out of the town of Lubec we spotted two more lighthouses The Lubec Channel Light aka The Sparkplug and Mulholland Point Light...
The Sparkplug was almost covered in fog but I just loved how it looked. We made it back to our hotel and rode the bus into town. We had really yummy pizza and then came back to our hotel. Another great two days in the books.


  1. A bright and cheery bus for your ride. I'm loving reading about your holiday and seeing lots of lovely places I would never get to see... thank you x

  2. Load to see you guys are having fun for the most part!

  3. These lovely photos more than make up for your missed posts, haha. Glad you didnt throw that computer just yet, lol. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. You're having such a wonderful time - thank you for sharing all the great pictures and experiences.

  5. Look at that incredible fog, gorgeous!

  6. Not a fan of winding mountainous roads either... ugh! Hey, isn't that 'Spark Plug lighthouse supposed to be on, warning people, in the fog??


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