Aug 11, 2015

Day 5

It was a very yucky weather day. It started raining last night and just refused to stop. So we had a very wet drive today but we made it to the ocean finally!!! We are at York, Maine for tonight. We found a little hotel right on the ocean. The waves are crazy since the weather is so yucky so it's sure beautiful.

This is a picture from across the road by the ocean. The ocean is literally across the road from our room. We found a little restaurant close to our hotel. Mom and me walked over to see the water. It was really cold since the wind is blowing so hard so we didn't make it far. Plus the rocks make it hard to walk on. It's sure beautiful though.We got a pile of pamphlets today at the welcome center and we are planning out the rest of our trip. Tomorrow we will head north along the coast line. There is one lighthouse right outside our window but with the weather I couldn't get a picture of it. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be a lot better.


  1. Wow I hope it clears up for you! I love staying in hotels right on the ocean I hope to have a house someday on it but that'll never happen lol

  2. The forces of nature are, in themselves, a wonder. What a fantastic view!

  3. I've lived on the coast now for almost 30 years and no matter what the weather, the ocean is fascinating and beautiful in its own way. Enjoy and fingers crossed the weather cooperates.

  4. Hope the weather cleared up today!


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