Aug 15, 2015

Day 9

Today we woke up early and heading out on a whale watching tour. It was a 4 hour trip and it was fantastic.

We ended up seeing 2 lighthouses, puffins, seals (which I just love), porpoise, white sided dolphins, a mola mola/sunfish, a finback whale, and 2 humpback whales!

The lighthouse is called Petit Manan Lighthouse.

The not very great picture of the whale is one of the humpbacks. I need a faster camera because they are really hard to catch photos of. The bottom pic is a bunch of puffins swimming near the lighthouse. It was a wonderful time. We saw a lot of people get sea sick but luckily we were all fine it was yet another wonderful vacation day!!


  1. Great pics:) I can see you're having nicer weather out there, enjoy;)

  2. Wow! Glad you're having a wonderful time and what an experience!

  3. I would be one of the seasick ones lol. Great pics the seals are on of my faves too :)

  4. Lots of lovely wildlife you are getting to see.

  5. That was a great tour and I'm so glad the weather is co-operating for you.


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