Oct 9, 2015

Day #10

Another educational day but we got to do some shopping too. We drove to Beaufort, NC today. We heard about a maritime museum and knew we wanted to check it out. It was a very nice little city. We noticed a double decker bus tour...
It was awesome! We got to hear all about the local history. It was a 50 min tour and boy did we learn a lot! Beaufort is one of the first 4 cities in North Carolina. The lady joked about how they all claim to be 2nd but according to a lot of history they are really 2nd just in case to be honest she said she would just say first 4 haha. After we got done with that tour we found a delicious restaurant on the waterfront to eat. We found several shops and I had to feed my t-shirt addiction and get some new shirts. Jeremiah found a sticker he really wanted it said "Scars are Tattoos with Better Stories" on it. He has several scars on his legs from his surgery on his tendons so he really thought it was perfect. Then we went through the maritime museum...
It was really nice. A lot of stuff! It had a lot of Blackbeard stuff since they found the shipwreck close by of his Queen Anne's Revenge ship. Jeremiah really LOVES Blackbeard so he really enjoyed it a lot. Here is a few of my favorite pictures while there...
Another wonderful educational day with lots of walking. Our poor feet. Tomorrow we are loading up and moving to another location a little more south.


  1. I'm a bit of a history nut, so I love those kind of tours. And it doesn't get much better than pirates. What a great day!

  2. Awesome! Another great day and glad Jeremiah found a cool sticker.

  3. I love reading your daily holiday itinerary and it sounds as if today was as fun as ever! Jeremiah looks so happy (as usual) with his maritime museum trip. Good luck and safe journey for your travels tomorrow. :)

  4. You guys always find some cool places to go! I love that sticker and having both find it very appropriate.

  5. you found another interesting place to visit!
    Glad you all had a nice time :)


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