Oct 13, 2015

Day #14

We spent today running around. We had a fantastic breakfast at a local place we really love called Golden Egg. Jeremiah got chocolate chip pancakes and loved them! We drove down to Murrel's Inlet a small town nearby. They have a cute store we just love shopping at called Lazy Gator. They have a little bit of everything. We found some pretties we couldn't live without. We stopped at a few other shopping places and found some t-shirts.....remember gotta feed my t-shirt addiction.

Then we found happiness...
An arcade!!! We had WAY too much fun!! Jeremiah ended up with 609 tickets! We found one machine where you throw plastic balls at a touchscreen TV. Oh my we had so much fun. I had sweat dripping off my nose because we were playing so hard. It was so crazy!! After we ran to the grocery store to get some things we needed. Ice cream and some Halloween candy haha. Can't live without that can you?? For dinner we went to my favorite buffet here...
It's called Giant Crab. It's all you can eat snow crab legs and all kinds of other things. Jeremiah and me LOVE snow crab legs. So we ate like total pigs. (Make up for all that exercise earlier haha.) We were absolutely miserable on the way back to our room.

Tomorrow starts the PALs stitching retreat. I might not be able to post everyday. Since I'll be stitching with the lovely ladies. I'll be back as soon as possible though with actual stitching progress. I really look forward to picking up my needle again and stitching. Been too long. Not that I've been busy or anything haha.


  1. Oh yeah not busy at all lol. I haven't been to an arcade in a while. I always like Ski-ball. Looks like you found the crab from the last post ;)

  2. Another day of fantastic fun and food! I shall miss your daily posts but know you're spending your time wisely. Enjoy being reunited with your needle! :)

  3. How exciting! I wonder what did Jeremiah swapped his 609 tickets for? I'm guessing this is what happens, right?! :D
    Oooh crab!!! I would have been a little piggy too in that restaurant ;) How cool is that! We have nothing like that either in UK or France.
    Enjoy the retreat. I'm off to a small one this weekend & I really can't wait :)

  4. Enjoy your stitching time with your friends.

  5. Sounds like another great day! I love the photo of Jeremiah posing with his tickets.
    The crab sounds great but the crab above the restaurant looks a bit scary!
    Hope you enjoy the retreat.

  6. Wow!! That sounds like a fantastic day, so glad you all had fun.

  7. Sounds like another wonderful day. Enjoy your stitching time.

  8. Another great day, look at all those tickets! That is indeed a Gigantic crab;)


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