Oct 1, 2015

Day #2

We hit the road this morning and Mom and Jeremiah were very happy since we got to stop at the Tamarack. It has a delicious food court. Jeremiah looks forward to the chicken tenders. Mom looks forward to the apple crisp. Luckily it's right in time for lunch when we stop there. It was very good and we looked around at all the beautiful pieces done by the local artists. They had a lot of different things this time so that was interesting.

Unfortunately we hit a lot of traffic today. We saw a sign that said there was construction ahead. We never saw the construction but for some reason traffic stopped for over an hour. Here was our view...
This was when our side had finally started rolling but boy look at the north bound side. We survived the trip but it sure went longer than we had planned. But we arrived...
Our stop tonight was Mount Airy, NC. This is where Andy Griffith was born. Tomorrow we will head over to the coast. The weather people still have no idea exactly where the hurricane is going. Sounds like we will have a wet few days for sure. But we are ready. At least we'll get to watch that gorgeous ocean out our window haha.


  1. Not much you can do about traffic hold-ups but at least you got to your destination safely - and without a hurricane! Fingers crossed for a better day of driving tomorrow. :)

  2. At least you were heading south, and the hurricane missed you! Safe trip tomorrow.

  3. Annoying about the traffic jam but there is nothing we can do about that, just be patient.
    Glad the hurricane is staying away.


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