Jan 15, 2016

January Gifted Gorgeousness

Today is my first post to Gifted Gorgeousness. I've enjoyed Jo's blog for over a year now I think. I've always enjoyed her GG posts and thought this year I might as well join in too.

Her idea is to post on the 15th of the month something you have worked on since the last check in that you have received or are planning to give as a gift. I've very lucky to have a family that supports my love of cross stitching so I receive gifts from them.

If you are new to my blog by following the GG check in I'd like to take a moment and say Hello. I'm Katie. I'm a stay at home mother. I home school my son who is going to be 18 this year. He is my life. He has a disability called Cerebral Palsy. It affects his legs and he can't walk. I'm also lucky enough to be happily married for 15 years this coming June. We bought a house with my mom so we can help each other out. I love cross stitching and traveling.

Now let's get on to the stitching part of this check in.

Since it's January and we just celebrated Christmas. I received a lot of wonderful stitching goodies from my mom this year. I've also been participating in the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge and have been starting a new piece every day this month. So let's see which pieces have been gifts...
This one I started and finished on Day 4. It's from Snow Grateful by Foxwood Crossings. My mom bought the patterns for me at the PALs Retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC last October. This will end up being a broken record because mom did a lot of shopping for me while I was at PALs. Perfect place to get stocked up on stitching goodies since several designs setup and sell their wonderful pieces.

Really now that I look at my planner I notice this could get to ridiculously long. Let me explain...

Day 5 - Drop Anchor and Stitch - is another project from PALs
Day 6 - Having a Ball (pin cushion) - yep same
Day 7 - Christmas Treasures - from a magazine subscription that I was gifted to as a Christmas present
Day 8 - Snowman Sparkles - kit from PALs
Day 9 - Beach Postcard - bought at PALs
Day 10 - Seas the Day - bought at PALs
Day 11 - Snow Kisses - received 2014 Christmas from my Dad and Step Mom
Day 12 - Tour Postcard - bought at PALs
Day 14 - By the Sea - bought at PALs
Today's start was even a surprise Christmas gift from my mom.

LOL So I won't bore you with reposting all these new projects. Just scroll down and have a journey through my latest craziness of new projects. My updates will get better when I stop starting things does that make sense?!? I'm extremely thankful to have a family that supports my addiction oh I mean hobby haha. Thanks for stopping by. See ya Feb 15 for the next check in.


  1. It's a lovely finish and lucky you having a retreat where you can buy (or be bought) all those wonderful pieces.

  2. :) I had the same problem, although I added tons of photos. But that made for a very long post!

  3. Well a big cheer for your Mum who buys you so many gorgeous gifts! Nice to see them all again.

  4. Great GG post, I do love those little sleds

  5. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Great introduction from you. If I didn't already follow you I would start doing so right now! If only to hear more about your amazing enabling mother LOL

  6. These are a lot of gifts, Katie. And so wonderful that your family supports your hobby so much, particularly your mom. When my mom still lived she always gave me money for my birthday and I had to promise her to buy something that I really really loved. Needless to say that it was always stash, lol.

  7. Those little sleds are so sweet!!!

  8. Good luck with your January challenge, Katie. Although I wouldn't want to do it, I'm with you in spirit and love watching your progress. Go girl!

  9. Wow! Welcome to the wonderful world of GG! Great first GG post.... how wonderful to have all those choices to stitch for GG :o)
    I love your sled finish
    Hugs xx


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