Jun 27, 2016

Road Rally Geocaching Event

We got home LATE last night but What a Weekend!!! We were up in Roscommon (Houghton Lake) in Michigan. It's way up in northern Michigan just about an hour from the bridge. Here's some of my fav pictures...
We shared space in our friend's camper for the weekend. It was nice. One night we needed heat. The next day we needed the AC haha.
This is our game board for the event caches. When you found the geocache they had stickers that matched a spot on the board. It was really fun. I wish we would have got them all but just not enough time in our day. We didn't want to run like crazy the whole day so we stopped at 29 of the 52 caches. Here is our finished game board...
For some reason it keeps loading sideways but you get the idea.
I just love the thick woods, ponds, and lakes we stumbled upon. So beautiful. We saw an Osprey nest...
We found crazy fun caches...
This one moved and made noise. I knew it was going to and yet when I grabbed it I jumped horrible haha. The container was hidden in the mesh outfit part. Funny part is that it blended in well enough we walked right past it the first time haha.
There was a cache in this beautiful water area. I tried to take a short cut by wading in the water...
I ended up finding a hole and going in. Good thing I packed a towel haha.
Sunday we turned in our game boards. They gave out prizes and we all had lunch. It was a wonderful time! This is my favorite caching event by far. They said something about next year being the end and I will miss it so much. They've had it 9 years now so I don't blame them for wanting to take a break though. They do so much work to pull this event together. We've went 3 times now and each time has just been amazing. One year we RACED and got all the caches. It was fun but crazy so this time we just relaxed and enjoyed our day. I gotta say I really prefer the way we did it.

Now 4 more sleepies until we leave to go camping at my family campground with friends for the 4th of July weekend. Busy Busy still. Love it! So Thankful!!


  1. Looks like you had a great time & lovely weather too :)
    Enjoy the coming up camping trip!

  2. Glad you had fun, even if you got a couple soakers. :)

  3. Looks like a terrific weekend and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself, in spite of the unexpected dip.

    Enjoy your long weekend - Happy 4th to you!

  4. What fun for you! You definitely are dedicated!

  5. Glad you enjoyed! I wouldnt dare touch that one on the tree, who could miss that the first time, haha.

  6. What a fun event this must have been.


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