Oct 21, 2016

Day 22 and 23

Our last day in Charleston was another full day. We went to the South Carolina Aquarium and out to Fort Sumter.
I love all aquariums really but for some reason I LOVED this one. It was small but had so many things that other aquariums should have. It helped they were having a Lego display throughout the aquarium. It was really neat. Special pieces made just for the aquarium. Beautiful. One was these amazing dolphins. They were huge. Would love to have that kit!!! Of course I would hate to know the price haha. We also got to feed sting rays!!! You put these raw shrimp on this plastic stick. Then held the stick in the water. The sting rays knew to come and grab the shrimp.
I was so happy I could have stayed there for hours and hours. I totally lost track of the world around me. Well other than Jeremiah. He loved it too. We also got to pet sharks and play with a sea star.

It was time to take Mr History to Fort Sumter though...
This is the Fort Sumter monument area with a museum and it's where you load for the boat tour to the fort. One of the rangers asked Jeremiah if he wanted to earn a Jr Ranger Badge. You answer questions to earn it. I just love these types of things. Makes looking for the answers so much fun and gives you something to look for that you might skip over. Here we are looking over the questions...
Then we took a boat out to the fort. Jeremiah was so excited to see everything out there...
I captured this picture that I really love with the sun shining through the flag...
Jeremiah filled out all the questions and earned his badge. Here is taking a pledge to help with picking us trash and taking care of the land of the parks...

It was a fantastic day indeed!!

Today we left Charleston and started the trip home. We ended up our day in Statesville, NC. It was a very nice travel day. We experienced a lot of traffic since we went through Charlotte, NC. Tomorrow we are taking a detour to Roanoke, VA on our way north to shop at a store mom wants to see.


  1. What a nice last day you had in Charleston! I am sure Jeremiah was so pleased to earn that badge at Fort Sumter. Safe travels home!

  2. I always like aquariums and history museums. What a fun day! It sounds like you both had a wonderful time.

  3. The more interactive things can be, the better. The aquarium looks like a lot of fun and Ft. Sumter would be a great place to visit. Well done to Jeremiah on earning his badge. Stay safe on your travels home.

  4. Great places to visit, particularly for Jeremiah. I also have always loved places where you can get active.

  5. Love the sun on your flag picture, that's gorgeous.
    Great places you have visited this trip

  6. It had to be the best day if it involved Lego!! ;)

  7. How fun! If you ever go to DisneyWorld they do something similar at the Animal Kingdom park. Kids (or anyone!) can go to different exhibits and get stamps on their "passport" to earn a Wilderness Badge.


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