Nov 7, 2016

Monday Update

After working on Beach Blessings during my stitching retreat the piece kept calling to me to be finished up. I put 2 days into working on my Grandpa's Family Crest and then went back to work on Beach Blessings. I started it for the Jan DUCJC Day #25. Here it is all finished up...
Beach Blessings by Erica Michaels
Adaptation of her Beach Blessings Chart with different border for 2015 PALs Retreat
Fabric 36ct Molino Solo Evenweave
Threads 7 Gentle Art and 2 DMC 1 strand over 2
Started Jan 25, 2016 for DUCJC Took 9 Days

I really enjoy working with the Gentle Art threads. I also enjoyed working on 36ct since you can only use 1 thread over 2. I plan to finish it into a little display pillow. After finishing this one up I picked up another PALs piece. Here is what it will look like...
It's another one I started for DUCJC Day #30. Here is my 2nd Day progress...
Almost finished the one side. Just need to finish the red outline for putting it together and attach the charm.

My mom's arm is still healing. It is slowly getting better she can at least move it a bit. I still feel way behind. I need to take a day and catch up on my blog reading. I miss seeing everyone's beautiful work. The laundry is finally mostly caught up on. What a stupid thing. You do it and then turn around and have new laundry to do. Kind of like dishes. Oh well guess we all have to keep doing it don't we?


  1. I loved beach blessings when you started it in January,it is lovely to see it in all its glory,great finish.

  2. Beautiful finishes and nice work on starting the groundwork to get the new one fully finished as well!

  3. Great beach pieces! And yes, life is very repetitive! :)

  4. Congrats on the finish and great progress on the new project!
    We will have to go back to Stone Age where we can hunt and eat and wear leaves in order to have no dishes and no laundry;)

  5. Terrific finish - would love to go somewhere to have sand between my toes - the rain is torrenting (okay, I know it's a made up word) and the wind is howling. The new one is looking good as well. All house work seems to be "do it today, do it again tomorrow", but I haven't found a good option yet! lol

  6. If only we could earn money whole stitching- we could all afford laundry services! I really love these two beach pieces.

  7. Beach Blessings is simply wonderful.
    The colours are so pretty too!
    Nice to see it finish, that's one you can cross off your list :) My list is never ending!

  8. Your finish is so pretty, Katie! I am another stitcher who loves being able to use only one thread. That is why I use 36 or 40 ct. so much.

  9. Oh my, Katir, what a wonderful finish you have here. And so clever to adapt the border and dedicate it to the retreat you attended.

  10. Beautiful finish and WIP! I'm stitching on this theme as well, isn't it relaxing seeing these come to life👍

  11. Lovely work on Beach Blessings. This has been the year of the Seaside for you!


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