Jan 29, 2017

January WIPocalypse

It's WIPocalypse time. Measi started this fun SAL to get us to work on our stitching before the end of world hence WIPocalypse. I've really enjoyed joining in. I like to use this SAL as an excuse to keep track of how many days I spend stitching on what. I will post progress pictures so that way I can look back and see what I've gotten done throughout the year. She also gives us fun questions we can answer each time too.  This month's question is  – What SAL’s are you participating in this year?

Let's see. I'm doing the WIPocalypse of course. I'm also doing the Smalls SAL which I'm stitching the monthly snapshots for the year. I joined in the Under the Sea SAL too. Since the octopus was too cute not to stitch and I can't wait to see what's coming up. I also join in the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL where we post about things we are either stitching for gifts or have received as a gift. My main goal is to make as much progress and maybe even finish the Family Crest piece for my Grandpa. I also join in the IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend) when it is going on. It's a SAL where we stitch together on the 3rd full weekend of the month. Of course this time of year I'm really a hermit most the time haha. So I definitely have a lot of excuses to stitch this year. Now to do the stitching!

So let's see what I've been working on since the beginning of the year...

Salt Water Taffy by Joan Elliott -- 7 Days
I started this one for the new year. Here is where I am today on it...
I really LOVE working on this one!

Family Crest -- 8 Days
Here it was at the beginning of the year...
Here it is now after the 8 Days of Progress...
Finally making good progress on this one!

January Snapshot by Pine Mountain Designs-- 4 Days
Started and finished this one...

Winter Messenger by Erica Michaels -- 2 Days
Started this little piece. 40ct gauze 1 thread half stitch. I just love working on these tiny Erica Michael's pieces. Here is where I got so far...

Valentine Piece for upcoming Valentine Blog Hop -- 1 Day
Got it started and finished. No picture. Will have to wait for the blog hop post.

Under the Sea SAL -- 2 Days
I started and finished the January block...
Love that cute little octopus!!

So that's what I've been up to. How about you??


  1. You have so many lovely projects to share this month, Katie. My favorite is the Winter Messenger--just beautiful and I've put it on my "way too long" must-stitch list :)

  2. Lovely stitching Katie.


  3. Lovely to see all the stitching you have been doing.Your JE piece is looking awesome.

  4. Beautiful stitching! The family crest is truly awesome, what a great idea!

  5. You've had a busy month Katie, lovely progress.

  6. Very productive month Katie. I really love the progress you've made on your family crest.

  7. Your needles are smoking! I love Saltwater Taffy. I can see just how much you love this one.

  8. Lovely projects and you are doing great in all the SALs.

  9. You are going to be very busy stitching wise with all the SALs.
    My favourite has to be the under the sea one. The octopus is a gem and I can't wait to see what next month bring.

  10. Salt water taffy looks lovely. You've had a busy month making progress on all of those.

  11. Great to see everything together and how far along you are on the bigger pieces, beautiful work! Plus, awesome Tink picture. :)

  12. You are stitching some lovely pieces and making great progress. I love the Winter Messenger one.

  13. Wow! Great projects and some awesome progress happening at your house! I love that tiny Erica Michaels design and Saltwater Taffy is gorgeous

  14. So many great projects you were able to stitch on last month. And you made nice progress on each of your SALs.

  15. Wow! Such great progress this month. I'm probably spending too much time making a few postcards for InCoWriMo instead of working on on-going projects - lol!

  16. Wow so much progress! Everything looks great :)

  17. I love the under the sea SAL. Great progress all around!


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