Jan 12, 2017

Salt Water Taffy Progress

I got two more days of progress on Salt Water Taffy by Joan Elliott. Yep I still love working on this one. Love those colors!! I worked my way over to the lighthouse and got the top part finished. I couldn't wait to see how it looked and it definitely met my expectations.

Monday I took the day and got some organizing done. I have a tall bookshelf by my computer desk. It had became a catch all and was just packed with stuff. It looked horrible. Plus Jeremiah got a stack of books for Christmas and had no where to put them. So I got busy and got it all sorted out. It looks fantastic and Jeremiah's books all have a home and can actually be used rather than just thrown in a stack that falls over when he looks through it. I also got a pile of DMC threads organized and put away. Feels good to get that stuff done. Mom got the yuck that has been going around. She always gets it really bad and with no insurance that sure doesn't help. So I'm in nurse mode. I'm shocked Jeremiah or me don't have it yet. We are trying to stay our distance as much as we can and hope it helps. Please send her get well thoughts/prayers.

Last night we got up to 60 degrees in Indiana in January?!?! Today we are going down to 20 and it's POURING rain. The weather is just so weird!! Perfect excuse to sit on my hiney and stitch the day away. The Family Crest is coming back out today.


  1. Fabulous progress, it's such a lovely vibrant design. Hope your mom feels better soon

  2. Great progress on the lighthouse! Looks very cool! Cheerful! How come your Mom has no health insurance??

  3. Love this one, and it looks so good with the backstitch as you go along. I hope your Mom feels better soon and you 3 don't catch it!

  4. Get well thoughts for your Mama...
    Love the WIP!

  5. It looks lovely, that lighthouse is going to be beautiful!
    I love sorting out stuff around the house, it just feels so rewarding when all done :)
    Wishing your mum a speedy recovery too.

  6. Oh you're really speeding along with Saltwater Taffy! It looks gorgeous.

    I love tidying up and sorting out too! I live with 3 hoarders so it's a more or less permanent job.

    Hope your mum is better soon xx

  7. Great progress on the design and with the tidying too. I'm trying to do some now the boys are back at school.
    Hope your mum is feeling better soon. With no insurance, what happens if it's something which can't be treated at home? Are there free hospitals? Or would they just send you a bill?

  8. Great progress, it does look bright and colourful.
    Get well wishes for mum.

  9. Lovely stitching on your Joan Elliot project.
    Hope your mom feels better really soon.

  10. A grast design, Katie, and you are already far into it.
    I hope your mom has started to feel better by now.


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