Feb 20, 2017

Monday Update

I had a very productive week last week. I finally broke down and wrote an actual to do list. I kept forgetting what all I needed to do. It's so nice to be able to mark stuff off. Of course there were a million things I did that weren't on my list. I told Jeremiah it's not fair when you do a bunch of things and yet only mark off one haha. Anyway I also got a lot of stitching done.

I put 3 days into the family crest. It's really moving along. You already saw most the progress on the 15th GG post so I won't repost that. I decided to do a new start from my Christmas pile. I thought it would be a fast stitch and boy it was. Got it started and finished Friday...
Not Lost Pallet Kit from Janlynn
Used kit material and threads
Started and Finished Feb 17th.

Guess what? It's also a FFO (Fully Finished Object) Wohoo!! First one of the year out of the 4 finishes I have. Oh well I'm trying. It was a really fun stitch. The material was 6x6. I did the stitching and then cut it out. I have to admit it was a little scary to cut out. No wrong moves allowed. Then I glued them onto the little 4inx4in pallet. I told Jeremiah I was worried I would have it all out of order haha. Not all who lost are wander?! LOL Got it right though. I have a camping pallet kit in my pile from Christmas too.

Saturday I flipped through my 2 tubs of WIPs. I spotted the Spring Bell Pull from the Stoney Creek Magazine. I haven't worked on it since August 21st. Here is where I was on it...
I just LOVE these and can't wait to have this one finished and get to the other seasons. So I worked on it for the weekend. Here I am now on the R block...
Very close to finished with this block as you can see. So I will have to keep it out till I finish this block and I will need to remember to bring it out more often.

I hope everyone has a great week. It looks like it will be a full one for us already. Unfortunately I have to go to the dentist. My biggest fear in the world! I go tomorrow for a consultation to figure out what we need to do. Please send any spare thoughts/prayers my way. I'm a total nervous wreck. But I know it has to be done.


  1. Your pallet kit is adorable, what an unusual finish! It's the perfect design for a family that loves travelling.

    Spring bell-pull is so very pretty too. I love the flowers in this latest square. Spring flowers are my favourites.

  2. Oh I like that pallet finish, I've never seen anything like that before

  3. Way to go with your To Do List! (So... I might be guilty of adding things to the list that I did even though they were not listed, just so I can mark them off. There's something satisfying about marking an item off that list!)

    Your pallet is fabulous. Looking at it, I was thinking that cutting the fabric would make me nervous. You did a fantastic job.

    I absolutely LOVE seeing your progress on the Spring Bell Pull. Beautiful work!

    As for the dentist, I think the worst part is the ache from holding my jaw open. My mother-in-law used to work for our dentist and we've known him for over 20 years. (Wow. Typing that makes me feel old - lol!) It couldn't hurt to let your dentist know your a little anxious about the visit. Ours has a sign posted that headphones are available to help drown out any loud sounding equipment that may need to be used. Yours may have some other helpful ways to make the visit less stressful. Sending hugs, prayers, and good wishes your way!

  4. I LOVE that pallet! It is such a cool kit, so nice to have a different way of finishing something off. The R of Spring is looking really pretty, almost half way there. Was it really August when it last came out?

    Good luck at the dentist tomorrow. I'm in exactly the same boat tomorrow too! I have to take the children for their appts as well. Not fun!

  5. Congrats on the cute finish Katie.


  6. Great progress on Spring and I love your little FFO. Hope the dentist went well. :)

  7. Your finish is very cute and the bell pull is looking very pretty!
    Don't be nervous, look forward to buy a new chart as a reward for yourself after you are done with the dental job:)

  8. I love making lists. Sticking to them is somewhat different but I don't mind, lol.
    Such a wonderful pallet piece that you finished. And your progress on Spring is gorgeous - another letter finished - and ticked off, I hope. lol.

  9. I am always making lists.... keeps me sane :)
    I love the pallet finish and think that is perfect for you.
    Great progress on the Spring design too. I am sure that one will be finished in no time too!

  10. Beautiful finish! That is such an interesting finishing idea and love the quote too. Great work on R and hope the dentist visits will end up okay.

  11. What a great finish. That is the best. Love your Spring Bell Pull. I am working on Autumn, my tension is terrible. I know doing this bell pull will make me a better stitcher.

  12. What a fun little design and a very clever finishing technique too! The seasonal bell pulls are lovely too.
    I hate the dentist, it's taken me years to be able to bear a scale and polish. I have to be knocked out for any treatment. It's a sensory overload for me as well as PTSD from my childhood years!

  13. Hope your dentist visit went well.
    Such detail on this Spring design, and really pretty colours in it too.

  14. Great finish and your Spring piece is beautiful,I love all the flowers.

  15. Ugh I hate the dentist too. If hubby didn't force me I wouldn't go! Beautiful progress and finish!


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