Apr 10, 2017

Monday Update

Sorry for my not posting. We are busy busy. 10 sleepies until we leave for vacation and a lot to do. I did finally do some stitching. I had several days where I just didn't stitch. Then I finally made a few days of progress on the Family Crest again. Getting more and more close to another page finish so I will show a picture when I complete the page I'm working on.

Wednesday I got started on the April Snapshot. Here is what it will look like...
Here is my progress after 4 Days of stitching...
Another great one! I have finished 3 photo blocks and started the 4th. Hopefully it will be done soon. I want to get the April section of the Under the Sea SAL finished too hopefully before we leave. I will take stitching with me but I was really hoping to have these two done before hand. We'll see.

Friday we went to a fun craft sale during the day. I found several things I just couldn't live without of course haha. Nothing stitching related just fun decorations. Then we had a nice evening watching movies. We watched Arrival. It was a fantastic movie about how we would handle aliens landing on Earth. I thought the best alien movie I've seen personally. I think it's exactly how the world would react. Then Jeremiah joined us and we watched Hacksaw Ridge. It was about WWII and Wow...How hard to watch. My grandfather was in this exact spot during WWII. It was an amazing movie and very well done. Jeremiah was glad to watch it and see some of the hardships his Great Grandpa went through. He has my Grandpa's dog tags and he always appreciated them but knowing they were there during that horrible time made them even more special to him now. We were all in tears but thankful we could watch the movie and hear the story that definitely needed to be told.

Saturday we got 15 pretty flowering plants planted and 20 bags of mulch put out. It was a lot of work but it sure looks great now. After that we watched USS Indianapolis another WWII movie but this time on a battleship that was sunk. It was amazing too. Another tear jerker that's for sure. I can't imagine being there in either situation. Definitely makes you appreciate our service members.

Now we have shopping and Easter and packing and everything else to do on the list haha. I hope everyone has a great week. I'll be the one running around like a mad woman haha.


  1. Lovely stitching on April.I love the bunnies peeping over the border.Hope you have a great vacation.

  2. Those snap shot charts sure are cute! You definitely have been busy, busy, busy. Made me tired reading about it, lol.

  3. What a cute piece. Looks like it stitches up fast too.

  4. Love the peeking bunnies. Super cute. Have a great vacation.

  5. Lovely stitching !! I also got some flowering plants from a nursery on Saturday. Would love to see your garden pics. Hope you get enough time to stitch before leaving for vacation.

  6. Your April snap shot is just as sweet as all the previous ones!
    Enjoy your time away!!!

  7. Looking good friend. Finally getting caught up on my blog reading. Hope yall have a super vacation!!

  8. That looks great! I know what you mean by busy, I'm so far behind in blogging and reading blogs. Glad you enjoyed the movies despite the difficult subject matter.

  9. I love your April stitching! Those little bunnies peeking over the edge look so cute!
    Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  10. Another cute snapshot! I love those bunnies peeping out of their frame.
    Hope you have a lovely break.

  11. Love the latest snapshot. Hope you can get this one finished before your holiday.
    My Great Uncle and Aunt were Seventh Day Adventists so they spent WWII on a farm helping work the land. The film sounds very interesting, I'm not surprised they wanted to make a film out of that lifestory.

  12. Those little bunnies are so cute on the latest snapshot.
    Vacation .... woohoo .... pics of new places for me to visit with you.


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