Apr 30, 2017

Vacation Day #11

Today we headed off to Epcot. They are doing this beautiful flower festival and we always enjoy seeing all the beautiful flowers.
They had a May Day flag pole in honor of Mom's birthday tomorrow on May Day. A nice lady took our photo. Yes Fred, Jeremiah, and me got matching Star Wars shirts yesterday and wore them today. We got a lot of comments. If you look to the left of this photo though you will see a lady all dressed up. They were having Dapper Days. So we saw hundreds of people dressed up in the 50's type clothes. It was fun just watching the crowd. A gentlemen said they do this a few times a year. Boy they went all out!!

So if you've been to Disney World and Epcot you know there is a ride inside the large ball. It's a look at the history of time and how life has changed. So we talked with Jeremiah about it and he said Let's do it. It's his 5th time here and his first time to try it. Mom decided to join us and I remembered 23 years ago when I was here for my first time she screamed bloody murder the whole ride. Since Jeremiah said he would go she jumped in too. She actually didn't scream this time. Yes she was scared but she did fantastic. The worst part for her is it tips backward and in the pitch dark straight down. But only like 2mph. Jeremiah loved the ride and was really glad he did it. Mom survived.

We rode on a lot of other fun stuff. Then we were done and ready to call it quits for the day. We got back to our hotel and decided to try this fancy restaurant since we are on the dining plan. You pay one set price and no matter what you eat it's just a point. So if you eat cheap food it's a point and yet if you eat a really really expensive meal it's one point. So eating expensive meals you wouldn't eat normally is the way to go. They was able to get us right in and Oh My!!! The food was delicious...
We get an appetizer, entree and dessert. On top is my appetizer a tomato salad with heirloom tomatoes. It was so yummy. Fred's is next a beef flatbread that he said was DELICIOUS. On the bottom is my main course a delicious beef filet. If you just touched it with a fork it fell apart. Yum!! But the priority was dessert....
The top one was mine. It was a warm banana chocolate tart with ice cream on the side and a crown made from Belgian chocolate. Oh it was YUMMY. Jeremiah's is in the middle he got tiramisu and he said it was really delicious. Fred's is the bottom pic. A key lime pie with a lemon sorbet. The long sticks that look like chop sticks were actually made from chocolate. The plates were empty at the end so it must have been good.

It was another great day. 2 days down. 4 park days left. I just hope my poor feet can make it.


  1. Look at all that yummy food!!! I am salivating :) Glad you had another great day :)

  2. Happy birthday wishes to your mom.
    Yummy food you have been eating... delicious.

  3. Happy birthday to your mom! I'm sure you're going to get tired of me commenting on each of your Disney World posts, but, again, I love Disney World and are so excited for you. Glad you're having a great time.

  4. That sounds like a great day and Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  5. I NEED that top dessert! I want chocolate crowns on all my desserts from now on!
    The phrase "Mom survived" speaks volumes about her experience!

  6. Another successful day! Now maybe if I showed DH the food pictures, we might go sooner than later!


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