Apr 24, 2017

Vacation Day #5

This morning we had strong storms while we were getting ready to leave our hotel but after that it finally stopped and we had no problems getting here. We arrived safely in Savannah, Georgia. We are going to be here for 3 nights. We've been here before but only for a short day trip from another area. This time we found a hotel right in the thick of it.

Our hotel is right on the water and we had hopes to watch freighters go by. It's the 4th largest port for container ships in the US and the 2nd largest port on the east coast. We love watching freighters so we made sure to be on the riverfront. Guess what we got to see right as we carried our luggage into our room...
We walked a long long way today but we had fun. Jeremiah found a scary haunted Civil War story book so he's happy. We found a few other goodies but mostly walked to see what all we wanted to see. We ended up walking 10 blocks one way and then 10 blocks back. Lunch was at the oldest house in Georgia. They made it into a delicious southern cooking buffet and it was really yummy. Then we came back to rest. We went up to our hotel's roof. They have a bar, restaurant and pool up there. We ordered a nice dinner and enjoyed listening to a wonderful local singer playing guitar and another hotel employee playing a harmonica. It was lovely.
Then another couple told us another freighter was coming in soon.
As of me writing this post we've seen 5 now. They are so amazing. They are so HUGE it's hard to explain to someone who's never seen one. Just think those are semi containers and look at how many there is! So I'm very thankful our hotel is where it is. We are making lots of plans for our next two days here. So I'll be back tomorrow to share more.


Justine said...

Looks like you're having fun!

Mii Stitch said...

My job is to deal with export paperwork for all those containers!! So yes, I had the opportunity to see some while I was studying in France :) You are so right, they are truly HUGE cargo ship!! Must have been fun to see them going to their far away destinations (or coming in, of course!). Sounds like you all really had a good interesting & exciting day discovering Savannah.

Lesley said...

What a great spot for a hotel.Container ships come into Liverpool uk,I have seen them docked but not coming in or out,what sight it must be.Your hotel sounds lovely and comfortable.I hope Jeremiah does not scare himself too much with his new book!! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I used to insure the container ships! Neither of those two but if you see a Norwegian or German owned one there's a good chance it used to be one of mine.
I didn't do the Cargo insurance though, I chose Marine because I thought it would be fun learning the names of the vessels and not boring cargo consignment numbers!