May 3, 2017

Vacation Day #13

(Sorry everyone. We got back to the hotel last night and passed out. So here is yesterday's post.)

We went to Animal Kingdom. It was rainy start to the day. By rainy I mean I got DRENCHED haha. Jeremiah and Mom had ponchos and I didn't care. But it kept getting heavier and heavier haha. So I did laundry while walking around. We still got to do the stuff we wanted to do though. I was just wet while doing it.
The Lion King show is a Broadway quality experience. It's amazing. There is acrobats and amazing singing. Beautiful show. Then we went on the safari and got to see a bunch of different animals...
Another Broadway quality show Finding Nemo musical. Love it!!! They do a puppet type show and the handlers sing amazing.
Then Jeremiah, Me and Fred went back to Magic Kingdom. Mom needed to rest her sore feet. We wanted to watch the Wishes Fireworks again. They are ended this show May 11th and starting a new firework show. So we wanted to watch it one last time.
Then we went back to the monorail and rode back to the hotel. This prop was there and you could pose for photos with it. How fun! A cast member took the photo for us. We were so tired when we got back. We fell asleep right after walking in the door haha.


  1. Another great day for you all!!

  2. You are having some fantastic adventures, and I'm loving being included in them seeing what you are getting up to.

  3. The animals are so beautiful.
    It's always nice to get a group photo, I hope you get more!

  4. Stupid question time - those animals aren't real, are they?
    Another wonderful day for you all.


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