May 5, 2017

Vacation Day #16

Time to leave Disney today. It's a mixture of sad and happy. Sad because we don't know exactly when we'll be back. So much to miss. Fred also flew home today. We will miss him. But he got home safe and sound. No problems with his flights. He was shocked by how cold it is at home haha. Big difference from the 90 degrees it's been here to the 50 degrees at home haha. Also we moved to a new to us area and...
This is our view!! The Gulf of Mexico. We are in Clearwater Beach, Florida now.
We even spotted dolphins already right out the window.

So I guess we can suffer. LOL Tomorrow we will start exploring. Tonight we are resting our still tired feet.


  1. That's a nice view, enjoy the suffering;)

  2. What a view! Sorry not sorry for your aching feet! You've had a brilliant experience and have earned those corns and blisters!

  3. What a lovely view...more adventures tomorrow:)

  4. Dolphins... how fabulous.


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