Jun 22, 2017

Longest Day SAL

Yesterday I joined Jo in a fun SAL called the Longest Day SAL to celebrate the longest day of the year with the arrival of Summer. She worked on beautiful WIPs. I thought that would be fun. Then I noticed a stack of things I wanted to start. What better excuse to start them then a fun SAL. So I decided to do new starts and spend an hour on each one before starting the next one. I warned my family. I warned my couch. I was totally lazy haha. So let's see what my day looked like...

9am -- Here we go. 1st Start...
Refuse to Sink
Hands on Design - To the Beach #9
Starting Point - Bottom Left
10am -- 2nd Start
Flock Together
Hands on Design - To the Beach #3
Starting Point - Left Side 
11am -- 3rd Start (with break to take dog out...Izzy didn't get the memo about not needing me haha)
On Beach Time
Hands on Design - To the Beach #5
Starting Point - Bottom Left
12pm -- Lunch Break

1pm -- 4th Start
Stars in the Sky
Hands on Design - To the Beach #6
Starting Point - Top Left
2pm -- 5th Start
Grab Life
Hands on Design - To the Beach #8
Starting Point - Top Left
3pm -- 6th Start
Oh Whale
Hands on Design - To the Beach #1
Starting Point - Bottom Left
4pm -- 7th Start
Mill Hill Kit -- Snowy Owl Snowman by Jim Shore
Starting Point - Center. I don't know why Mill Hill kits I've noticed take a lot longer. Weird.
5pm -- Dinner Break

6pm -- 8th Start
Mill Hill Kit -- Best Friend Santa by Jim Shore
Starting Point - Center
7pm -- 9th Start
2013 PALs Limited Edition Hands on Design 
(Last one of the set of 4 so far. I finished the other 3 already.)
Starting Point - Bottom Left of Top Panel
8pm -- 10th Start
Mill Hill Kit -- Sea Turtle
Starting Point - Center
9pm -- 11th Start
Mill Hill Kit -- Evergreen Snowman by Jim Shore
Starting Point - Center. Ice cream called my name and I only got a half hour on this one haha.

So 11 new starts. I really enjoyed my day. I have to admit it was really hard to stop at the hour mark. I really wanted to keep working on each one. I was already told (by mom haha) that Flock Together must be worked on and finished soon. She really likes that one. I also know there are a few of the To the Beach pieces I don't own. Need to fix that of course. Thanks Jo for the fun reason to be completely lazy and get a ton of stitching worked into one day.


  1. I adore all of those new starts. I especially love all the beach-themed ones. Now you have a lot of UFOs. Next time will have to be a UFO-a-long? (giggling) --Andrea

  2. Totally agree with Andrea! All the beach themed ones are my favourite. Looks like you had a great stitching fun day!

  3. That was a great idea to start new ones and you made lots of progress on all. I thought of doing but was occupied with daily duties on that day. I haven't got to do any IHSW till date.

  4. Love all your great starts Katie.


  5. Fantastic work today! I was loving all the beach themed ones and then the snowman appeared! I love the sandcastle pillow and the gorgeous sea turtle, he'd go great with my Discworld Mappe!

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  7. my spelling was terrible so I'll start again!
    you really made use of the longest day,great stitching on all your pieces.

  8. So many fun sea-themed pieces! I think of you every time I see one "Does Katie have that one?" ;) Glad you had a fun day and I hope to join in one of these years. Also, I think you chose your projects well, they all look like they can be finished in a reasonable amount of time.

  9. You chose some gorgeous charts for your Longest Day! I really love the seaside designs too. The colours are muted and so pretty.

  10. Wow, 11 starts in one day!! They're all very cute, though. Good luck with the SAL.

  11. So great to go through your longest-day-of-the-year-stitching-marathon. And you managed it so well. I'm sure that it was a lot of fun to start all these great Hands on Design charts and Mill Hill kits.
    When I joined Jo last year it was - for me as well - the hardest thing to put the project away after half an hour, so I can understand you very well on this.

  12. What a great idea for a new-start stitching frenzy! You've chosen some really lovely pieces to start and stitch on, all of a very manageable size. I look forward to seeing progress and/or completion photos soon! :)

  13. Oh wow, you certainly know how to keep busy! I love all the beach ones and the Christmas ones are perfect too.


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