Sep 11, 2017

Hey Look Stitching

Yep guess what I can still cross stitch haha. Remember this cute set?
I worked on it again over the weekend. I finished the one in the bottom right corner July 19th remember...
After that I started on the one in the top right the pincushion. Now I have 4 days into it...
One side to go now. Can't wait to see this one come together when finished up.

Saturday hubby and I had planned a movie date to see the new It movie. So Friday we watched the old one so we could refresh our memory. What a great movie it was. So Saturday we went to see the new one and Wow. I was very impressed. It had a few things that were just like the first one but really it was worth treating like a whole new direction for the idea. They definitely did the story justice. Several times I jumped and both hubby and I was really glad we went to see it. I bet Stephen King was happy with the new movie indeed. After the movie I had seen a preview for another scary clown movie that I found out was on Netflix. So to continue the theme we watched it haha. It was very scary and another we really enjoyed. If interested it's called Clown. It's about this guy who puts on a clown outfit for his son's birthday party and it ends up being a demon and he can't take the outfit off. It was a really neat idea and spooky throughout the movie. We enjoyed our creepy clown day haha.

I wanted to share something else I finished last night...
We always see these kits in hobby stores especially when we are traveling. This one is from a company called Metal Earth and was for sale at Disney World since it resembles the monorail. Jeremiah always loves riding the monorail so we bought it and I've bought several others now because I figured I would enjoy them. This one my first try. I'm not that good at them yet. The piece connecting the two parts in the middle is bent and boy once you bend them wrong you can't unruin the part. So I will definitely need to be more careful about bending them in the future. I did overall enjoy it and will enjoy doing the next ones. Hubby didn't enjoy them as much. He's got big fingers and they are delicate like I said and some of the pieces are very tiny to deal with. So he said he wouldn't be getting more....right now haha. Like I always say when I enjoy something....Great another hobby haha.

I hope everyone has a great week. We have another camping trip coming up this weekend.


  1. Beautiful stitching! I am glad you enjoyed the movie, too. Have fun camping this weekend!

  2. Love your latest stitching! I haven't watch a Stephen King movie in a long time... good to hear that you enjoyed it :o)
    Hugs x

  3. Oh, you stitch? That's nice! LOL.

    I just love this tuffett/pincushion, it's going to look great made up.

    I think we had some Star Wars metal kits like those in the shop. They were ridiculously fiddly to put together!

  4. I love this set! I hope you're going to make them up and use them, they're too pretty to hide!

  5. The set looks amazing, nice to see your stitching :)

  6. Oh, this is such a lovely stitching set. Certainly a lot of fun to stitch and to put together.
    The more of these metal kits you make the better you get, I'm sure.

  7. Great progress, love the colours!
    Another fun hobby, it does look pretty delicate though.
    And IT, wasn't it great? Can't wait for the next one.

  8. Great set, going to so lovely. The pinsuchion is gorgeous.

  9. Love your stitching!!! I can't believe you went to see "IT" there is no way I could see this!!! It would freak me out way too much!!!


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