Oct 30, 2017

October Smalls Post

I was busy catching up on blog posts and realized I could still check in for the 2017 Smalls SAL. The check in was October 27th. I knew I didn't have one of the snapshots done for this month so I thought maybe I didn't have a small to check in with. But then I remembered...
My fun Harvest Garden Mill Hill finish. So I do have a finish to report. Wohoo. So now I can participate. I've missed so many of the check in's this year. The pieces I picked out for my monthly pieces next year are really smalls and that will help a lot. I always pick too big of pieces for my smalls haha. Maybe I've finally learned my lesson.


  1. I really like your MillHill small - it's really cute and you did a great job!
    Don't worry about check ins, life happens :)

  2. These are such adorable little projects, aren't they?

  3. Pretty and colourful! I love it :)

  4. I've never stitched on paper, perhaps i'll give it a go. yours looks lovely.


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