Oct 15, 2017

PALs Retreat Day 3 Grab Bag Exchange

At the PALs Retreat one thing that is very fun is the Grab Bag Exchange. Our rules are to include these things...
1. something soft
2. something shiny
3. something sharp
4. something blue OR purple
5. something frog related
6. something sweet
7. a favorite accessory for stitching
8. used for storage
9. embellishments
10. something Beach themed
11. something colorful
12. something fun
You can use any kind of container and something fun is encouraged...not just a gift bag. Value is to be around $40. I found this awesome beach coffee mug and thought it would make a perfect grab bag container. I crammed it with goodies. Here it is...
I always worry about what I put in and that it won't be good enough. The lady who received it was happy though so I'll be happy too. Here is the one I received...
With this exchange you can get stolen from while playing. It's played a lot like Dirty Santa if you have ever heard of that. Your number is called and you pick from the table or steal from someone. I had picked the pink bag from the table because the pirate box inside of it caught my attention. It was stolen from me once. I picked a different bag that was cute too. It was stolen from me so I happily stole the pink bag back. I'm very happy I ended up with it because look at all those goodies!! I love everything. It was a very fun exchange. I have more to share but it will have to wait till tomorrow. We've had a long day and I'm tired. Thanks for reading!


Brigitte said...

This kind of exchange seems to involve a lot of fun with containers being stolen and being stolen back, lol. So you never know exactly what you will end with. Looks great what you found in your exchange package, and also what you packed into your mug.

Preeti said...

That looks like fun grab bag exchange! Those are lovely goodies that you packed and also the ones you got:)

Maggee said...

Yes, I remember that exchange... there is always ONE container that they go after... Makes for a lot of laughter. Your container was filled with so many great things, I am sure the recipient loved it. And glad you got a chance to get the pink one back... Enjoy the goodies! Hugs!

Mii Stitch said...

What a fun exchange!!
Your container was bursting with great goodies.
Glad you were happy with yours too :)

Kerryp77 said...

love the idea of packing it all in a mug... might have to steal that idea for future giveaways. sounds like so much fun though.

Meari said...

You fit all of that in a mug?! It's definitely a fun exchange!