Jan 22, 2018

Giveaway Winner Announcement

I hosted 2 giveaways for the Jan GG check in. No one was interested in the Cars kits this time. But I had 6 people enter into the drawing for the two Sue Hillis charts...
I wrote the names on pieces of paper and had Jeremiah pick one so you can blame him haha...
The winner is:

Nice gift from your husband.I'd love to see it finished.I'd love the first batch if I win the giveaway,thanks.AriadnefromGreece!

Thank you very much for entering. I will hopefully remember to host another giveaway on Feb 15th for the next GG post. So make sure to come back for that.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate comments and Thank you for taking time out of your life to care whats going on in mine.