Jan 2, 2018

You are Loved Update

Welcome to the New Year. Time for a Monday update on Tuesday haha. We had a fantastic weekend. Saturday Fred (hubby) was busy all day with his Ham radio group. He had a great time. While he was gone I worked on a little bit more organizing my stash and then spent the rest of the day stitching and watching TV.

Sunday morning we took our Christmas tree down. We move our live tree outside and tie it to our pool deck standing up. The birds love it. They have a new place to hide from the cold and boy it's been brutal cold. Last night we got to -30 wind chill. Right now the actual temp is -13 brrrrr. Then we played our Dirty Dice game. It's a tradition we always did on Christmas Eve with my Mom's family. We buy goodies like chocolates, household things that we all use, and groceries we all like. We roll 3 dice when you get a double you can get a present. If you want to though you can steal from someone else. We always make it a lot of fun. I got a Star Wars marshmallow candy so Jeremiah stole it because he loves Star Wars and I don't like marshmallow haha. It all ends up in the same place but we still have fun. Mom was really doing great playing along too. It was wonderful to see.

After that we all went our separate ways and had a Netflix day. Fred and me watched Bright and 1922. Both really good movies. Jeremiah joined us for Bright and he liked it a lot. It's the same producer as Suicide Squad so it was really good of course. 1922 was a Stephen King movie about a farmer killing his wife. It was really good. Not the typical Stephen King but still good.

Yesterday we rented two movies from Redbox. But first we watched the Rose bowl Parade. I love that parade. The floats are just amazing to see what they can make out of flowers and things like that. Then Mom and me made lasagna to bring in the New Year yummy. After that we settled down to watch our movies. First up was Flatliners. It was a remake of the old movie and really well done. Definitely some spots that made me jump. Jeremiah joined us again and we watched Bay Watch with The Rock. It was hilarious of course. It was a great day of movies.

Today marks 2 weeks since Mom's stroke. She is doing so much better each day it seems. She can talk longer times without messing up a word. She still has some issues but they come farther apart. So I really think in even more weeks from now it will get easier and easier. I'm so thankful for that. She is coming back. I can see that. Thanks again for all the prayers/thoughts her way. She means the world to me.

I also got a lot of stitching time on You are Loved by Hinzeit that I showed you in the Dec 30th post. Here is my progress after 3 days of working on it...
I finally fixed the tabs at the top of my blog. The Goals and SAL tab shows all my 75 WIPs waiting in the tubs wanting to me worked on. I also included 15 new pieces that I know will be started soon so they might as well be listed as WIPs haha. My poor brain wants to work on all of them at the same time. I was all planning on switching projects today until I took the photo of You are Loved and now it's begging to stay out....at least another day. LOL We'll see. We all know I have stitching ADD.

About the Family Crest. I have bad news. I know I teased you guys and I didn't mean to I just didn't want to admit it out loud yet. I'm planning on talking to my grandparents about it. I don't enjoy working on it. I think it's because I want it done YESTERDAY and it just drags. It make the process torture. I know it will take forever to do and I don't have forever. So I notice when I work on it I get depressed. I just don't stitch. I find myself walking away and doing everything but picking up my needle. I know my grandparents wouldn't want that. It wasn't the point. They have no idea how difficult the pattern is. It's like a HAED. I need to really enjoy it. Plus since I've started on it I won't pick up my HAEDs. I miss them so much. I have too many other things screaming to be stitched to get depressed about my stitching. So I'm calling it quits. I really hope they understand.

Sorry this ended up being a long update. If you followed me till the end Thanks. I guess I had a lot of say. Have a great week!


Karyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful New Years, Katie, filled with family, food and fun...my 3 favorite "Fs" LOL...and fun was had by all, especially Jeremiah. My hubby watched "Bright" Saturday night and really enjoyed it...not my kind of movie :)
I'm so glad that your Mom is doing better and coming along, it's so very scary to see a parent in distress. I live across the street from my Mom, and we are best friends so I understand how important she is to you all...I'm so glad for the happy update.
"You are loved" is looking great, and the floss colors are so pretty, I'm looking forward to watching it progress. OK, here's my input on your family crest...some WIPs just don't want to be stitched. period. I have BTDT and the best thing to do is walk away. Life is too short and there are too many other lovable WIPs waiting for your attention out there, like your HAEDs...and your grandparents would want you to be happy. Just my humble opinion. :) BTW, I just dumped two UFOs that have sat in my closet for far too long, and the world did not come to an end.

Linda said...

Glad to hear that your Mom is improving more each day Katie. Just a thought on the crest. Maybe you could just do 10 stitches a day or maybe an hour a week or something like that. Your doing such a great job on it - don't give up.


Julie said...

Great news you can see improvement in mom, that really pleases me to read that good news.
Super progress on the new start.

Anna van Schurman said...

What if you sent out the crest as a round robin? Maybe getting some help on it would help you get back in the mood for it? Good news about your mom. Happy new year!

Justine said...

Ooh I like Anna's idea of a Round Robin! I'd be happy to stitch some of the Crest.
However as Karyn says the world won't end if it never gets stitched and I'm sure your grandparents will understand. I've just dumped two UFOs like Karyn and the world hasn't ended here either.

Happy New Year! Great news about your Mum. I hope she continues to improve.

Renee said...

Katie, I am SO happy to hear your mom is improving! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time bringing in the new year. (We watched Bright on Monday and really enjoyed it. I watched 1922 about a month ago and agree, it is different for Stephen King, but it was good. I was just wondering about the Flatliners remake and was happy to read your opinion.) Sending hugs and wishes for happy stitching time.

DJ said...

Wonderful news about your Mom, Katie! She sounds like a fighter so that's good!! She will improve faster if she does what the therapists tell her to do. And I'll keep praying! Lovely piece you are working on here! I understand about walking away from a project that doesn't give you joy. After all that is the reason most of us stitch, it's the joy in creating something we know we will love. I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines on the other 75 (Holy moley!!) ufos you have waiting in the wings.

Preeti said...

Good progress on stitching. Glad to know your mom is doing well.
It is ok to abandon stitching that turns out be a monotonous task. Maybe, you can try a scaled down version of it that can be finished in a month's time.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

At the end of the day,we stitch because we love it and anything that takes away that enjoyment is not good.In your busy life I am sure stitching is a relaxation,good for you taking a hard decision.
Lovely progress on your stitching and great news that your mom is improving each day.

Carol said...

How good to read that your mom is improving so much, Katie! I'm sure your grandparents would understand, but at the end of the day, you need to just be honest and tell them it is such a chore and that your stitching is supposed to relax you. Perhaps you could stitch something else for them that you would enjoy and would have special meaning for them? Good luck!!

rosey175 said...

I would guess your grandparents would not want you to be upset by the best hobby! I don't see the world ending to abandon a project though I personally do a variation of Linda's idea -- instead of 10 stitches a day, I do one single thread of floss whenever I feel like it (no deadlines though). It's enough to say I did something and not feel overly guilty about moving on to more fun things :D.

Hooray for your mom improving so much~

Faith... said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Hope you guys are staying warm and not getting tons of snow.

75 WIPs is a LOT! I look forward to seeing a few more added to your finished pile! I am sure your grandparents will understand about the crest and who knows after you tell them you may not feel the same pressure and then you will pick it up to work on!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sounds like you had a really fun time, especially with your Mum recovering and joining in the fun.
I like Rosey's idea of one length a day. I do that with my monochrome designs.

Brigitte said...

My text is gone :( So, I'll try to write it again.
You seem to have spent a wonderful New Year's weekend, Katie. And you made a lot of progress on your new start. Great job.
But the best to read is that your Mom is improving each day, more and more. These things take time to heal. Wishing your Mom all the very, very best this year.