Feb 14, 2018

Follow up Secret Stitching Sweetheart Post

I wanted to pop back after the blog hop and share with you the results of the blog hop in the previous post. First off let's see who stitched that beautiful heart I displayed...

Hi!!!!!! I AM YOUR SECRET STITCHING SWEETHEART!!!!!! This stitched heart is made especially for you, my friend!!!!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!

You can go to this link to see her blog post...

What a beauty. Thanks for sharing Mia. I have enjoyed hopping around through the blog hop. I found my piece on display at this blog...
You can go there to see it or you can see it right here...
(Finish #5) I finished it on January 25th, 2018
L-O-V-E the 2017 Freebie from Hands on Design
Stitched up for the Valentine Blog Hop 2018
Stitched on 20ct Lilac Lugana
Threads are DMC 335, 371, 552
Started Jan 24th. Took 2 Days.

I stitched up the 2017 L-O-V-E freebie from Hands on Designs for this blog hop. It was a fun fast stitch. As I said above I used 3 different DMC. I did the biscornu type pillow finish because again no sewing machine is involved haha.  

Yet another fantastic blog hop hosted by Jo. Be back tomorrow for a Gifted Gorgeousness post and another fun giveaway that I hope people will join in on.


  1. Katie, your valentine stitch is so cute. I stitched the same pattern(like 100 of other stitchers) but my finish is not so neat.Do you have a link to biscornu type pillow finish?
    Also I stitched this as surprise for hubby so I only used one color to make it easier to stitch in hiding ;)

  2. Your Valentine stitching piece is so lovely:)

  3. Love your stitched piece! And it is another fully finished piece on your list :)

  4. Your stitched piece is lovely but I prefer the dragon picture LOL

  5. Your stitched Valentine's piece is lovely, Katie.

  6. A great blog hop, your piece is perfect and finished so lovely.


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