Feb 12, 2018

Monday Update

The Spring Bell Pull won my attention for 3 days after my February Calendar finish in the last post. I finished up the I block Wednesday...
 The I block took 9 days to do. After that I got two days into the N block...
Boy doesn't look like much for 2 days but this is a typical Stoney Creek with a ton of color changes. Sure makes the end result pretty though. Here is the whole Spring Bell Pull after 35 days of work now...
Saturday morning hubby and I went up to Lansing, MI. It is 2 hours north of us. The weather was horrible. We had snow and ice the whole weekend but we had a great time. One place we drove through had over a foot of snow! But we made it there and home safely. What made us go to Lansing.... We attended a geocaching Winter Social. This time of year it's nice to have an excuse to get out and we did just that. There were probably 50-70 people in attendance. It was a nice event. Unfortunately several of our friends couldn't make it because of the weather. So it was a little odd walking into the room and only knowing one person. But I decided to have fun anyway so I started up a conversation with a nice couple and we had a great time getting to know them. The social had a lovely catered meal that was very delicious. They also had a silent auction. I'm pretty sure this was my first time participating in a silent auction and more than likely my last. It was so stressful. I decided to bid on a few things and then kept getting outbid. So I was pouting and told hubby I really want that stuff. So it was now my life goal to win them no matter how much I had to pay haha. It was fun but I don't think I should do them very often. I made myself a nervous wreck up until it was over and I had won the items I wanted haha.

Look what I got though...
This beautiful fleece camping themed blanket (it's folding in half by the way). The border is crocheted too and adds so much to it. So beautiful and well done. We also got a few other things but the blanket was my big win. It will look adorable in our cabin.

We had another friend join us after the event. We told him he was demanded to join us and he did haha. We had a room at a hotel close by and so did the friend we ran into at the social. So we made a fun evening together. We walked to a nearby restaurant and had a fantastic dinner. Afterward we gathered in our hotel room which had a living room area and watched movies together. It was a very nice relaxing weekend and a great way to reboot ourselves. Jeremiah took great care of mom while I was gone. She is really doing well. So they took care of each other really. We were glad to be home safe and sound. The weather couldn't ruin our fun.

Now it's time for a new week. I hope everyone reads this has a great one. It's going to be a busy blog week. Wednesday is a Valentine blog hop. Thursday is Gifted Gorgeousness. This weekend is IHSW.  So I'll be back soon.


  1. Great job on stitching the "I" block and even starting the next. The detailed designs are exactly why I love Stoney Creek patterns as well. A lot of colour changes and backstitching but so rewarding in the end.
    Nice to read that you were having a great weekend geocaching. And such a beautiful fleece blanket - just the perfect theme for you.

  2. Spring Banner's looking good... the numerous colour changes are definitely worth all the effort.
    Nice to hear you had a good weekend away too. It couldn't have been easy leaving your mum and Jeremiah to look after each other but I'm so glad it worked out. :)

  3. Lovely to see your Bell Pull Katie,it is so pretty.What a great win in the silent bidding,your quilt is gorgeous.You had a great weekend,was lovely to read about it,you do so many fun events.Glad your mom is doing ok,and she and Jeremiah had a good weekend too.

  4. Spring Bell pull is looking so pretty! Multiple colors do add charm to the end result. Love the beginning of the N letter. Good to know you had a great weekend and won lovely things:)

  5. Congrats on finishing the square and nice start on N! Glad you didn't let the weather get you down and maybe no more auctions if they stress you out that much! Or what some people do is wait until the last 10 minutes to bid. :)

  6. Spring looks fabulous Katie.
    Great blanket you managed to get.

  7. Wow! I am just loving the way your Spring bell pull is turning out, Katie--so beautiful :)

  8. Your Spring bell pull in turning out beautifully Katie. I love the little watering can in the N block. It's so cute! Glad you to hear you managed some time away from home, everyone needs a break now and again and it sounds like you had good fun.

  9. Your spring bell pull is gorgeous! Love Stoney Creek designs... they have so much detail in them. Cute blanket! :)
    Hugs x

  10. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! They are SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  11. So close to being finished, it looks fantastic!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time, the blanket you "won" is perfect!
    How nice that Jeremiah and your Mom were able to look after each other, a win for everyone.

  12. I love your new blanket, what a cute win! Your Spring Banner looks great!! Glad you and Fred were able to get away for awhile and how nice that Jeremiah and your Mom were able to look after each other.

  13. The spring bell pull is gorgeous!AriadnefromGreece!


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