Apr 9, 2018

Monday Update

Last week was a relaxing stitching filled week and boy I sure got a lot of stitching time. I already shared a celebration Happy Dance with my readers from Wednesday. This weekend was full of the same. It was too wet to work on our cabin spot so that plan was off. Hubby had amateur radio plans Saturday evening and during the day Sunday. So I declared a HSW (Hermit Stitch Weekend) of my own full of stitching and catching up on TV shows. It was wonderful and guess what I have to share with you....

2 new finishes!!! Plus they are finished finishes!!!
Front Side
Back Side
Info on this one: (Finish 13) April 6th, 2018
To the Beach from Hands on Design
Double Sided Pillow
2013 PALs Retreat Design
Stitched on 28ct Star Sapphire Jobelan
Used Suggested GAST, Classic Colorworks and DMC 3371 Threads
Started Jun 22nd, 2017. Took 5 Days.
Then I was able to start and finish...
  (Finish 14) April 8th, 2018
April from Durene Jones Calendar
Freebie available on her FB Group
Stitched on 14ct Ecru Aida
Threads are suggested DMC
Started Apr 7th. Took 2 Days.

Here is the whole little shelf area right now...
Just love it! It's so much fun to decorate this area with each season. By the way there is a 4th pillow from the Hands on Design set but my mom stole it so it's missing from this picture haha. There is one last double sided pillow left from the Hands On Design PALs pieces to stitch up. It's on my list to complete this year hopefully. It will be sad not to have a new one to add to it this coming October.

Well it's a new week. We are having weird weather. It's snowing today. Not going to amount to much maybe half an inch but still sure looks like Winter outside. We are supposed to have some 70's later this week so I'll try to hang in there. Never know what it will do in Indiana this time of year. If you are reading this I hope you have a great week and get done what you want done. I hear Ocean in a Bottle calling for attention again. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute display and congrats on two more finishes! I just love those Durene Jones pieces.

  2. Go you! You're on a roll Katie. Super finishes and the shelf looks fabulous.

  3. Those are all so cute!! What a great display area!! Biscornus too!! Actually, we never know what the weather will do ANYwhere... but it sure seems like Spring has not taken hold in a LOT of areas! It's 47 here...and very windy, so probably colder... Ugh! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  4. Very cute finishes and so awesome that they're FFOs too! Beautiful work.

  5. Your display looks lovely - I really really like the Pals retreat pillow you finished. Hope spring arrives soon!

  6. Lovely finishes! Wow! A finished finish in two days is a job well done:)

  7. Awesome work on both these and FFO'd too! Very impressive.
    Love that little shelf display.

  8. Lovely stitching, what a great display shelf

  9. Sometimes I really love rainy weather. Because you can use your time for all the things inside the house that you usually don<#t have too much time for. Like stitching, lol. So wonderful, your two finishes. I particularly love the sandcastle. Great job.

  10. Aren't you tired of this weirdo weather? I am so ready for spring but winter just doesn't want to give up! Your shelf definitely feels like spring even if outside is bonkers :D

  11. Your little shelf looks wonderful, Katie--so many cute smalls :) Yes, very strange weather--we were in the 70s this weekend and tomorrow it may snow!

  12. Both wonderful finishes and they look great in your self. Mom only took one?!

  13. Such a cute little pillow! Well done for not only finishing the projects but for keeping up with fully-finishing them off too! Don't you feel it gives you a much greater sense of satisfaction? :)


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