May 14, 2018

Cabin Update

We went back down to work on our cabin Saturday and Sunday. We got there just in time to watch this monster...
We had a lot of brush that needed to be cleared. It would have taken us so much time. Dad saw an advertisement for this guy to come and help do the clearing with this monster machine. He did an area dad wants to put a pond in. Then he cleared out an area behind our cabin we wanted cleared...
Above is the before and after photo if you can't tell. He took out at least 50 feet of brush. All that's left is the fence line and that's exactly what Dad wanted. Dad said it was easily a few months work done in 1 hour. So worth the rental charge. After watching that it was time to get back to work inside our cabin...
We needed to finish up the insulation. Jeremiah was supervising. For the night we put up our cots and a small camping bed for Jeremiah and stayed our first night in the cabin...
It's far from finished but already so much more nice then just our tent. We stayed up late giggling and talking telling stories about how exciting this whole process is. Sunday we helped with taking down an old barn and getting it cleaned up a bit. Then Fred, my Dad, my Uncle, and Jeremiah got back to work in the cabin...
The right wall, back wall, left wall is all finished with insulation plus the electric is ran for the left wall. The front wall is framed up and ready for insulation and electric now. So the front wall and the ceiling insulation is next. Then we can start the paneling. We are planning to go down Friday and stay both Friday and Saturday so we can get more done.

I do have to share my favorite photo for this weekend...
This is why I just can't stop smiling. Jeremiah is learning so much from all this. My dad is taking time in this photo to show Jeremiah step by step on how to hook up an outlet. Jeremiah can't stop talking about how cool it was. We can't wait for it to be done but the process has been so much fun. If you have Facebook and are interested I have posted more photos there too.


  1. WOW that machine is a MONSTER! Glad your Dad found that guy I am sure it save tons of time and backaches! The cabin is looking great and you guys are moving along fast.

  2. What an amazing machine. I am not showing my husband, there would be nothing left in our back garden!

  3. sometimes its better to spend a little to save a lot of time.
    Love the pic of Jeremiah and granddad, wise things are learnt from older relatives.

  4. It's great seeing these progress pictures and how involved everybody is in the process - so much better and satisfying than having someone else do it for you (except clearing the bushes of course!) :)

  5. Oh Katie, I love seeing the progress on this. That machine sure made the clearing a breeze, better than a couple of months! What a fantastic learning experience for Jeremiah, he's got great teachers.


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