Aug 12, 2018

Summer Post Card Blog Hop

The wonderful Jo at Serendipitous Stitching has decided to host another fantastic blog hop. The idea of these fun blog hops are to get us to jump around to maybe new and different blogs that we might not have visited before. I have enjoyed participating in them for years now I think. This summer she is hosting a Summer Post Card Blog Hop. She has asked for us to send her summer themed stitching and a message to share. Then she emails the picture and the message to someone to display on their blog. She posts on her wonderful blog when it's time to starting looking around for the post. This weekend I received my post card to share with everyone.

Here is the beautiful piece I get to show off...
Hello my friend, I send you greetings, and wish you a wonderful, sunny summer time.
I hope you can enjoy the summer to the fullest.
I myself enjoy my free time with my children, 
in my garden and with beautiful embroidery or patchwork.
All the best, Martina

Please follow this link to go to Martina's blog:

Thanks Jo for hosting and Thanks Martina for sharing the gorgeous piece you have stitched. I love the display you have made too! Beautiful shells.


  1. Lovely stitching and such a perfect frame! Martina knows how to have fun!

  2. What a great finish from Martina!

  3. Thanks for taking part this year. As soon as I saw this card I knew it was perfect for you!

  4. That's a great summer postcard you received from Martina. I love the creative way how she finished her stitched piece.

  5. I love this post card stitching by Martina ,love the finish .
    Enjoy your week .

  6. Oh how nice, I'm glad that I could make you happy with my summer greeting.

  7. What a lovely piece. I love how Martina has finished it! x


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