Nov 12, 2018

Monday Update: New WIP and Nov Finish

Howdy it's Monday the start of a new week. Let's see what I've been up to last week. On the 5th I posted about my last Halloween finish and said I was going to celebrate with a new start. I've showed the picture a few times (one when I purchased him and the other when I bought his fabric) but it's time to really share my new start with my readers.

When I attended the Pennsylvania retreat a stitching friend from my table was talking about this cute dragon she seen at one of the booths. I perked up because I heard the word dragon of course here is what he looked like...
I didn't like him. I explained how I'm extremely picky when it comes to dragons and this one just didn't call to me. Plus I don't like tea. So no pressure to buy him. Then she said Well that's okay did you see the other one? The Beer Dragon? What?? Take me now I must see...
I was in love! I texted a photo to my hubby. His response..Is he finished yet? I guess that means he likes him too right? Haha. I of course had to buy him. Now when to start... after finishing up my Halloween pieces it was the perfect time to celebrate with a new start...
Beer Dragon 5 Days of Progress
From Paine Free Crafts
 123,900 Total Stitches 2,800 Stitches In Now
Fabric 32ct Lambswool Jobelan Evenweave
Threads DMC 1 Thread Over One Complete X

This is my first time working on a Paine Free Crafts pattern and I'm in love. They are really easy to read. Larger font on the pages than HAED patterns. Plus the chart marks out the stitches in 5's so it's really easy to read where I need to count to next. It also doesn't seem to have as many color changes. I also found out Stanley Morrison has a WHOLE line of beautiful dragons with different drinks. I made the mistake of showing my hubby and he has demanded several others. But first I have to finish this guy up. He won't be a fast stitch that's for sure. But luckily I LOVE working on it. But after 5 days on him my needles started slowing down. So it was time to switch projects for a bit.

I got a start on the November Durene Jones design Saturday morning and was able to get it finished up last night...
(Finish #27) November 11th, 2018
November from Durene Jones Calendar
Freebie available on her FB Group
Stitched on 14ct Ecru Aida
Threads are suggested DMC
Started Nov 10th. Took 2 Days.

Can't believe there is only 1 left to do of these cuties. Another series I will miss but I just LOVE displaying them each month. 

This week will be a short week. I leave Thursday for a local stitching retreat. This one is different than the others I travel to. We stay in a church camp lodge this one is in southern Indiana. They had an insurance change and the ladies who work at the camp have to fix our food. So we get to sit and stitch all day all night and get fed! No stopping to cook!! Plus they even do our dishes. No complaining here. The cost is only $155 per person for this one. 3 Nights lodging. 8 Delicious Meals. What a deal! Our rooms are connected to the room we stitch in. So I tend to wake up. Shower. Put on new lazy comfy clothes. Head out to the stitching room. Stitch the day away. Eat when they serve us. Go to bed way way too late haha. It's fantastic. Normally I get a lot of stitching done. Plus I get to see ladies who I haven't seen in too long. I'm really looking forward to it. Plus it's IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend) this weekend. So I'll definitely be joining in with that. Just at a cabin in southern Indiana instead of at my house. I will make sure to share photos don't worry. 

Hope you all have a great week! My thoughts are with California and all these horrible fires they are having. So scary to see on TV.


Rachel said...

Congratulations for keeping up with the calendar, although I notice your frog has lost his fireworks, presumably because Bonfire Night has as much significance in the USA as Thanksgiving does to us in the UK?
Your new start is cute and the background looks really effective so far. Don't forget to show us the others which Santa and/or Fred sneak into your Christmas Stocking!
And have great weekend at your retreat. Here's hoping it will actually be a STITCHING retreat as opposed to more of a chatting and stashing retreat!!! :)

Sasha said...

I love those dragons! I actually just picked up both of those charts recently, too! I can't wait to see you progress with this one!

Rhona said...

Both these dragons are wonderful.
Have fun at your retreat.

Katie Haskins said...

Cute dragon. I've seen the, but haven't managed to purchase one quite yet. Other dragons calling too loudly.

Faith... said...

That is some great progress on the Beer Dragon! He is going to be stunning when he is finished! November is super cute, congrats on the finish.

Ariadne said...

How interesting is this type of stitching retreat! Haven't heard of something like this before. AriadnefromGreece!

Mary said...

Very cute finish and you are making great progress on the Beer Dragon.

Julie said...

A great weekend you have planned, being waited on all weekend to let you stitch the IHSW sounds perfect.
Great progress on the beer dragon and such a sweet finish November is.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That is an adorable dragon chart! I wonder if they do a coffer one? Not that I'm about to start doing CGI full coverage LOL. You do seem to have made a lot of progress already.
Have an awesome retreat, don't forget to sign the other stitchers up for the IHSW FB group!

DJ said...

The tea dragon is adorable, but I understand why you wouldn't stitch that one. The beer one is so much fun! We are lucky in that our husbands support our habit! (My husband always has the same comment...are you done yet? haha)

Bethan said...

Such a great dragon - and you made such a good start to him! Though I must admit, I really love the tea dragon too x

Astrids dragon said...

I drink tea and it's not as wonderful as the Beer Dragon! Maybe if I show Paul your progress he'll change his mind about wanting one!
Of course Mr. Frog is cute, as long as he stays right there.
I hope you are having a fabulous time, stitching away with your friends.