CJC 2015

Finished 10 out of 15

We meet a lot of people online and we are lucky enough to get close even though we are so far away from each other. I've really enjoyed reading blogs over the years. One blog I really loved was Debbie's Cross Stitch Blog. She very suddenly passed away and in her memory I'm joining in the Crazy January Challenge for 2015. She loved to start new pieces. It was always fun to pull up her blog and see what she might have been working on that update. She loved joining in a challenge called Crazy January Challenge. So I'm going to be starting a new piece every day through the 15th. The goal after that is to finish as many as I can throughout the year. Here are the ones I've picked out...
Started Day 5
Finished after 7 Days
Started Day 8
Finished after 4 Days
Started Day 11
Finished After 3 Days
These 4 are from the Seasonal Wordplay book from Leisure Arts.
Let's Be Jolly by Ursula Michael
Started Day 6
Finished after 8 Days
Let's Be Wicked by Ursula Michael
 Started Day 14
Finished after 7 Days
Life Without Snow? out of Snow Drifters by Stoney Creek
 Started Day 13. Finished after 17 Days.
Blackwork Dragon from Dragon Dreams
 Started Day 7
Finished Jan 27th. Took 7 Days.
Family Blessing by Needle Bling Designs
Started Day 9
Sad Progress after 1 Day
Impronta D'Amore by Alessandra Adelaide (AAN)
 Started Day 12
Progress after 1 Day
Think Big by Peter Underhill
 Started Day 2
Finished after 6 Days
 Inner Tube by Mill Hill
Started Day 10
Progress after 1 Day
Wish Upon a Starfish by Designs by Lisa
 Started Day 3
Progress after 3 Days
Summer Breeze by Mill Hill
Started Day 4
Progress after 1 Day
 Christmas Pals Ornaments by Dimensions

Started Day 1

Finished After 25 Days on Project

So how many will be finished by the end of 2015? Guess you will have to wait and see.

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  1. You have a lovely mix of designs, especially the Wordplays and Think Big. I very much look forward to watching these grow in 2015. Do you think the dog and his branch are a metaphor for cross stitchers and their stitchy-starts! :)


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