Jul 3, 2007

SBQ 7/3 and other stuff

Today's SBQ is:Do you consider yourself a "floss miser?"

I didn't even know what this meant so I had to find out. It basically means (I think at least) do you save even the smallest bit of floss when your stitching. No I don't. I use DMC most the time and just don't feel the need to make every centimeter work. Now I guess on some of the more expensive threads I'm more careful but still probably not as much as I could be.

So the insurance lady called me this morning. To top off yesterday's fun day today I woke up with a head cold. The insurance lady basically told me flat out that they have a lot of new people and they are maybe a month behind in paperwork. So the package could be sitting there. And yet they closed Jeremiah's account?? I threw a fit. She said she would "TRY" to look around for it. But that was at 9am and I didn't hear anything else. Now Thursday I will have to call again and demand the service we deserve.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I will be working at Shipshewana with my mom. I just want to say Thank you to everyone who has fought or helped this country. I couldn't do it and I'm glad no one I'm real close to is in danger overseas. I know a lot of people do have someone over there and I hope they all stay safe.

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  1. Hopefully, everything will get worked out with the insurance company. How frustrating.

    Welcome to the Head Cold Club, Katie. I got mine from SO and have been suffering since last Friday. Yuck! I should own stock in Kleenex by now. LOL Hope you feel better soon.


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