Jul 2, 2007

One of those Days

So Jeremiah has physical therapy today. No Problem. Kinda weird cause mom was at Shipshewana (she sells at an outdoor flea market) and I drove him there. Get there with no problem. The PT comes out and says theres a problem. j's insurance shows up canceled. Major Panic here now what the heck. Come to find out after 3 hours on the phone they didn't get some paperwork I sent to refile for another year. Just shut off the account like it was nothing. Called and Called got pissy people and answering machines. No one would just help me of course. So now I have to wait for the person to call me. Yeah like it's no big deal just j's therapy and upcoming braces and doctor appointments no problem. *sigh*

After dealing with that I caught up with my online group emails. Caught up with a SS exchange I ran. Then I crashed on the couch and stitched. It felt great. Stitching has always been a great stress relief for me. Each X seemed to make my problems smaller. I'm so thankful to have stitching in my life. In fact I think I will go stitch some more.


  1. Don't you just love Insurance Companies? NOT!!!! Just found out they cancelled my car insurance. I paid and I have the cancelled check to prove it. #$@$@#!@@

  2. I know what you mean about stitching being a stress reliever. It makes all my problems disappear, even just for a short time.


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