Feb 7, 2009

Exchange Finish

I'm in a yahoo group called ILCS. I really enjoy it a lot. We do this exchange called a Block Swap. The theme for Feb is Bonnet girls or boys. I found this pattern at PatternsOnline and just thought it was too cute not to get. So I stitched it up real quick. I'm glad to be able to join in again. I've been so busy I've missed a lot of months. These are fun for quick finishes.

Today mom asked me to go shopping. We have a town called Shipshewana. It's a nice town with a lot of little shops. They were having Pajama day. So I said Of course I would go if I could shop in my PJs. So off we went. We had a great time. I got some cute fat quarters on sale for $1.25 so that was good. Also got Jeremiah some things of course. It was a great day and the weather was beautiful. It was fun seeing the people dressed up. I guess a bus came from Wisconsin and they all dressed a like. They won a contest and were just too cute to boot. Now I get to relax and stitch. If I can just pick what I want to stitch on.


  1. congrats on your finish it is really cute. I read on facebook at you were shopping in your PJs I just thought you were shopping on line. I had didn't think that you are out shopping in your pjs. LOL! That is too funny.
    Debra in Indiana

  2. Your bonnet girl is very sweet! Sounds like you had a fun day shopping.

  3. Cute little finish Katie!!!

  4. Very nice finish I dipped out of this one just wasnt my thang!! But that is a cute one.

  5. Very nice finish! She is just lovely!


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