Feb 19, 2009

WIP Update

Two updates today. First off I have an update of my HAED Pirate Dragon. Finished another column of stitching so this means...11,760 stitches in. 36,155 stitches left. I think that means I have like 25% complete of this design. Moving right along haha.

I also have a new start to show. I seen this design at my LNS and just thought it was too cute. I love Amazing Race. There is always this Travelocity Gnome on the show. So I decided to stitch this on Sundays as a SAL with Amazing Race. I finished week one. Here is the progress.


  1. Your wip looks amazing!

  2. both look great Katie! I love watching your HAED come together. Some day I can get back to mine!!!

  3. Your Dragon is coming along nicely!!!

  4. HAED is really looking good. Nice progress and the new one, will have to check in again next week to see how much you stitched. LOL!


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