Sep 28, 2009

Autumn Camping

We ended up having an interesting end to last week. Jeremiah got sick again Wednesday night so Thursday I scheduled a doctor appointment. Thursday was spent doing blood work, urine test, and an x-ray. The doc suspected a kidney stone. Come to find out they really run in our family and my dad had one at Jeremiah's age. Urine test showed signs but x-ray was clear so off to an ultra sound on Friday. Catch was Fred took day off work Friday so we could leave early on our Autumn Camping trip. Got the results at 3pm and had the all clear to go camping. The doc said either Jeremiah has already passed the stone or he had an inflammation that caused the sickness. Have to watch him and see if he gets sick again. 4 times being sick in one month is enough though please.

We headed out to our family's camping weekend. We got 9 sites this year and I swear for dinner on Saturday we had 50 people show up. It was crazy. We had a blast. This is when Jeremiah does his trick or treating. They shut down the campground roads and everyone gives out candy. He filled up his bucket. He wanted to be scary this year so we went for Swamp Monster. Got him a really cool antique minnow bucket for his candy. We got so many compliments on the outfit and bucket. I felt so out of touch though cause my phone wasn't working haha. No internet. It was horrible haha. Plus no stitching. But we all had an absolutely fantastic time.

Here are a few pics. Jeremiah in his outfit. Plus his little play trailer. This is a snowmobile trailer. My dad empties it out and even decorated it this year. We throw Jeremiah's tv and playstation plus a bunch of toys in there. The kids just run to play with him. It's great. Jeremiah just has so much fun. One time there was 7 little kids in there with him just laughing and enjoying life.


  1. Oh Jeremiah looked awesome! Great costume and just love the bucket!! I am so sorry that he has been so sick and hope that it is over now! Looks like a great weekend!!

  2. how fun!! So glad J was feeling better!!!! It looks like he had a great time! And what a gorgeous weekend it was!!!

  3. What a cool costume! It looks like fun was had by all!

  4. Oh poor Jeremiah, that's not good to be sick so much in one month, but I am so pleased you got to go on your camping trip and his outfit is just soooooooo cool!!!

  5. Great costume for Jeremiah. He does look scary. Glad you had a good time.


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