Oct 5, 2009


We made a trip back to 1812 again. In Marion, Indiana they have a very fun re-enactment every October. Goes back to show the War of 1812. We always make it a point to attend. This year my hubby, Jeremiah and I went on Sunday. We went early and planned on meeting my dad and step mother later. It was nice cause we spent lots of time shopping. Jeremiah got some wooden guns and a neat bow and arrow. I got a pretty little purple bottle. We also did something new to us this year and made a candle. Jeremiah really enjoyed it. We also watched the battle of course. The loud cannons almost shake the ground when they go off. We really had a lovely time.

Also Friday I had another little Mill Hill finish. This one is called Witchy Fun from Mill Hill. Another one where you get this little box to attach the finished piece too. It's just too cute. They finally are finished and not in my stash box any more.

Here are the pictures...


  1. Love your finish and it sure looks like you had fun

  2. The re-enactment looks like great fun! Love the stitching, too cute!!


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