Jan 4, 2010

Crescent Moon Dragon Update

Here is an update on the Crescent Moon Dragon. This is a pattern by Joan Elliot. I've really enjoyed stitching on it. The bright colors are just fun to stitch with. I think I will work on something else this week. I'm going to try a rotation this year I think. I'm going to have a bag with 5 WIPs in it and rotate between those until I finish one. I think haha. Have to see if I stick with it of course. Sometimes pieces just scream Stitch Me Now haha.

Today we are back to school again. It will be kinda hard. With my grandfather passing we ended up having a 3 week Christmas break. I have things all ready so it shouldn't be too bad. We'll start in about a half hour so I wanted to update real fast.


  1. looking great Katie,
    the colors are so pretty together!!
    hope school went well today!

  2. love those dragon colors. Can't wait to see more progress.


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