Jan 9, 2010

Saturday Update

Hi Everyone who reads my blog. I thought I would throw a quick update. I'm relaxing this weekend. No where to go and nothing major to do. I found this little kit in my stash the other day and I'm working on it. Here is a pic of what it will look like....

Too cute and perfect for my frog loving son. He is a Jeremiah was a Bull Frog ya know. I'm trying to see if I can finish it by Monday. I doubt it. I am spending too much time watching TV and being on this laptop haha. Next weekend we are going away on a little over night trip so I won't get much stitching time that weekend.

Ohh have you seen the new Mill Hill kits? I had to call House of Stitches this morning and order the two shell ones. I also ordered the frames so when I finish they will be finished. I just love doing those kits. Finish pop them into a frame and DONE. That's my kind of finishing now. She said it might be a week to get the frames in so I'll wait and work on other stuff. Not like I don't have a million other things I could be stitching on right? Don't we all.

Jeremiah and I survived our first week back to home school. It wasn't too bad. Jeremiah did a good job. It was a review week in spelling so he lucked out with no spelling test. This coming week he isn't so lucky though haha. Monday I have another appointment with the dermatologist. My stupid whatever is still bothering me. They said it was hives last time but just doesn't seem right. I'm taking my meds and still itching like crazy. My poor arms are basically just one big scab at this point. Well I'm have an update on Monday. Either a finish or a WIP picture. Have a great weekend.


  1. that is going to be so cute Katie! I love it!!! We love frogs here too!!!
    You finish that this weekend & I will finish my reindeer! Not!!!


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