Feb 22, 2010

We're Home

We are home. We ran down to my dad's and picked up the very excited to see us dogs. We got home about 6pm. Today we went through fog that I swear you could cut with a knife and light rain. Nothing major though. We are glad to be home safe. Mom still can't talk. I can't hear very well in my left ear and feel just yucky. Jeremiah is down too. Last night his cold/flu started. So he looks like death warmed over. We are resting and watching some TV for tonite. So I'll tell ya more later. This was one of my most favorite vacations for sure.


  1. good to hear you made it home safely, but not good to hear you are all sick. YUCK! Get well hugs to all!

  2. Katie, Sounds like a great trip. I can remember the trips we took to Disney with the kids. It was a blast


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