Apr 25, 2010

Another Finish

For those who know me know I LOVE buttons. When I attended the Spring Retreat someone had this little design on the give away table. It was a little kit that Lisa Cowell gave at a different retreat by reading it. The kit included Carrie Creation threads. I changed it up a bit. It was supposed to have the rainbow thread in the words. I just wanted it a little darker. Rather than stitching buttons I attached some I happened to have haha. It could have a lot more on it but I didn't want to make it too busy.

When we were in Ohio at the flea markets I had found this box for $.75. This finish fit PERFECT. I used some glue dots to attach the piece so I could remove it and add more buttons if I decided to. According to my records this is my 7th finish this year already. Of course this was really little haha. The box is about 4 inches wide haha. A finish is a finish right? I think I'm going to start one of the dragons I kitted up at retreat today. I'm going to do it over one. It's the Paladin one in case you were wondering. You can look in past posts for the picture. It's the one with the red threads and reddish fabric.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate comments and Thank you for taking time out of your life to care whats going on in mine.